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    After over five years in an alpha stage that never seemed to end, it's finally over! Wallhaven is now officially 'LIVE!'

    After just about EXACTLY a year of behind the scenes work, I'm super proud to be able to finally get the latest, and hopefully greatest, version of wallhaven to you all!

    In addition to a ton of new features, fixed bugs, new bugs, and other improvements, I also got us moved over to a newer server. With any luck the site will be faster and more stable (I'll kill those 502's or die trying). Fingers crossed.

    Thanks to everyone in the community for sticking with us for all this time! I sincerely hope you enjoy the new site.

    For those interesting in a change log:

    • Taggers rejoice! Tags can be added via thumbnails
    • Creating an app? Hopefully our new API will be of use to you
    • Dropped the alpha ribbon and subdomain
    • New search options:
      • Search for similarly tagged wallpapers with the like: option
      • Search a user's uploads by username
      • Looking for just PNGs? Filter your search to match
      • Most these new search options can be chained together
      • Added ultrawide resolutions to the defaults
      • Fixed tag blacklists not working
      • Full list of search options and operators can be found here
    • Converted BBCode to Markdown
    • Reworked how user settings are stored, should fix anyone who previously had issues setting them
    • A default collection can be selected (big add to favorites button)
      • Adding a wallpaper to a new collection now an option
      • Collection thumbnails will regenerate when a fav is added or removed
    • Updated rules (and banned sources)
    • Added a popular tag cloud to the homepage
    • Added new 'large' option for thumbnails
    • Less wonky back button when viewing any listings
    • Reworked design of a ton of pages
      • Have you seen those sexy as shit login and join pages!?
    • Wallpapers IDs are now alpha numeric
    • Notifications now get sent to users when you subscribe to their uploads
    • Small improvements to the upload process
      • Clickable links to found dupes on upload
      • Better feedback on source adding
    • Updated Laravel from 4.2 to 5.6 to 5.7 to 5.8 (this is what I get for dragging my ass)
    • Tons of backend clean up and new messes
    • Other changes I can't think of right now as my fingers start to shake

    Still missing something you've been begging for? Worry not! The site may no longer be in alpha, but it's far from comlete. I don't have any plans on stopping work on it anytime soon (though, there might be an extended break here and there)!

    Again, thanks a ton for sticking around all this time. Hope to keep seeing ya! 💖

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    This is nice. Thanks for the years.

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    Nicely done, bro! Proud to be one of the first comments at this historic moment!

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    Love what you've done with the place :)

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    Love this site, happy to be a member for 3 long years soon to be 4!

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    Nice job Yotoon would be proud

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    I am a Chinese user, because I do not know English, so I do not understand the above words. I just joined you recently.I think you are great from the bottom of my heart!

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    I love you, guys I really love this page...

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    Excellent! Thank you for your contribution.

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    This is the best wallpaper site, and I've been here from the start even back when wallbase started!

    Very happy and proud! Congrats!

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    Awesome, thank you so much for your hard work, HB wallhaven ! =)

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    I'm just soooooooo glad and appreciative of the fact that we keep our fav walls and subs. my god that would have been bad if we couldn't...

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    Love the new look, congrats on all the hard work

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    looks nice ! whats the reason for the id change from numbers to letters?

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    I've always been here even since Wallbase, I'm so happy for this site, truly the best wallpaper site period.

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    monkeyy said:

    looks nice ! whats the reason for the id change from numbers to letters?

    A: They look cooler B: They stop people from just looping through the entire database, slowing it down for everyone else.

    Really glad to see so many of you are happy with the the site still! My night is made, and it all seem super worth it!

    Love ya!

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    AksumkA Hold me, daddy.

    Things are really looking good! Well done. I like the muted color scheme. Not a fan of the new home page though but I won't be spending a lot of time there anyway. It bothers me more that the forum and stats widget aren't balanced. #OCproblems

    [email protected]#--- Initiating bug hunt...3...2...1.......

    EDIT: Just realized I had Dark Reader going on the site which accounted for the muted colors. 😅

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