Frequently Asked Questions

What is wallhaven? is a website for sharing wallpapers. Need a new desktop wallpaper? Something for your phone? You've come to the right place!

What is wallhaven's relation to Wallbase? I see that name a lot.

These days, pretty unrelated. Most of the staff here were users/staff of wallbase back in the day. We decided as the ship that was wallbase was sinking, we should get together and create something so we don't lose what we loved most. It's a long story—see the about page.

Where can I make suggestions or report problems?

Please post any anything you're missing or bugs you find here in the forums! If that's not your thing, you can contact us any number of ways.

What can I do to help out?

Spread the word! Let everyone you know what a nice wallpaper website you found here. Feel free to also help add to our amazing collection of uploads if you have some of your own! We also rely on users tagging and flagging to make sure others can find things properly. Just please keep the rules in mind.

What are SFW, Sketchy and NSFW all about?

It's how we categorize the “purity” of an image.

  • SFW = "Safe for work" wallpapers grandma approves
  • Sketchy = Not quite SFW not quite NSFW. Grandma might be uncomfortable
  • NSFW = "Not safe for work" Grandma isn't sure who you are anymore

Check the upload guidelines for specifics.

What makes a good tag alias?

Think of tag aliases as other ways to search for a given tag. For example:

  • An alias for League of Legends would be LoL
  • The title of an anime in English
  • Japanese name order flipped (Hanazawa Kana to Kana Hanazawa)

Multiple aliases can be provided. Separate them with a comma.

Who is responsible for the site?

Check out our staff page!

What does wallhaven run on?

  • Laravel (PHP Framework)
  • Elasticsearch (Search engine)
  • Dropzone.js (multiupload)
  • IQDB (image searching/dupe detection)
  • redis
  • nginx
  • PHP 7.2

Do you offer an API?

We do! You can read about how it works over here.

Am I allowed to run scrapper/mass download scripts?

We ask that you don't. You may have noticed we don't run any ads on this website. Because of that, we don't pay for the big boxes that can absorb huge requests. We're not some big company here, just a few guys trying to provide a nice wallpaper website.

Do you have an official app?

We don't have any official app at this time. Be very careful of any apps that ask for your login information. Your API key should be sufficient to access your settings.