These rules apply to all users of wallhaven. Not following them may result in your uploads being removed or you losing the ability to create posts, upload, flag or tag. If you have questions about any of them, please ask a staff member or in the forum. Note that in a few cases there will be exceptions to these rules where staff will use their best judgment in the interest of the site.

Notice: These rules may be updated at any time.


  • Posts must be in English.
  • Use descriptive thread titles.
  • Do not format titles or posts to attract attention (all caps, symbols, etc.)
  • Do not use the forums (or the rest of the site for that matter) for advertising.
  • No personal attacks on other users—contact a staff member directly to resolve issues.
  • Posts inciting hatred or made purely to antagonize or provoke others are not allowed - Be nice.


Remember: wallhaven exists for sharing wallpapers. We are not some random image gallery!
Before uploading, ask yourself: "Is this a wallpaper? Would anyone be able to use this as a wallpaper?" If the answer is no, don't upload it!
  1. Respect copyright. Attribute the author wherever possible. Do not upload content from banned sources. Do not remove artist signatures/watermarks.
  2. Sexual content and other overly sexual images are all strictly prohibited. Details...
  3. Do not stretch images to a higher resolution—upload the original version where possible.
  4. No low-quality edits (rotated, mirrored or picture-in-picture images, cobbled together collages). Details...
  5. A maximum of 5 images per set (photo shoot / AI prompt) are allowed. Details...
  6. No private photos (of family, friends, your vacation, etc.) or amateur porn.
  7. No promotional material (i.e. with large watermarks), red carpet/press event photos or low-resolution samples.
  8. Only high-quality screenshots of movies, TV series, anime, and video games are allowed. Screenshots must not contain overlays/HUDs/Logos. Screenshots of desktops are not allowed.
  9. No gore or other such disturbing content.
  10. When uploading a varied set of images, tag and flag them separately so that content is sorted accurately.
  11. No material depicting or promoting hatred or propaganda, except when used harmlessly in fiction, art, parodies, etc.

Recently Updated

We reserve the right to change these rules and/or remove any content from the site at any time.


Purity or flagging is how we filter wallpapers based on content. Remember to use your best judgment - If you can't decide if a wallpaper is SFW or Sketchy, mark it Sketchy.

  • SFW
    • Images that are considered safe for work.
    • Contain no violence or sexually suggestive content.
  • Sketchy
    • Images with a subject in underwear, swim-wear, lingerie, latex, etc. but no genitals or (female) nipples showing.
    • Low cut tops/High cut bottoms/Lightly provocative poses.
    • Images containing profanity, drugs/drug references, war and death.
    • Non-graphic violence such as blood spatter, and images of guns in use.
    • Controversial political/religious symbols such as Nazism.
  • NSFW
    • Images with nudity, including cupped/covered breasts, strategic covering, implied nudity, bare asses and genitals/nipples visible through clothing.
    • Extremely suggestive poses (bent over/hands on genitals/etc.).
    • Bondage and BDSM in general, with or without nudity.
    • Images with graphic violence.


  • Common terms should be lowercase (nature). Capitalize proper nouns (people, places, titles) according to the official spelling (The Lord of the Rings). Titles of foreign creative works should use their original title, but transliterated into English where necessary (Nichijou instead of 日常).
  • Add other titles/other language names as aliases when creating tags.
  • Tags are for categorizing images so users can find them, not needlessly describing them or to show off. Consider how useful a tag is before adding it, and how you would search for the image.
  • Tags should describe what the image depicts (buildings, sunset) and should not be expressing a view (beautiful, ugly).
  • Do not use synonyms (alternative words for the same term)—just the most common/correct one (Daenerys Targaryen instead of Khaleesi).
  • Tags should not contain links (—use the author/publisher's name (Some Dude) instead.
  • Do not create tags for self-promotion/advertising.
  • Celebrities and other figures should be tagged with their full or stage names, except for those going by just a single one (Carisha). For Japanese names such as anime characters, use the traditional order of last name-first name (Hatsune Miku).
  • Terms referring to multiple things should have separate tags labeled using parentheses, like Prometheus (movie) and Prometheus (spaceship).
  • Check your spelling, even if English is your first language! The site uses American English ("color" instead of "colour", etc.) Specific foreign names like Notre Dame are an exception.
  • AI Art or any other AI generated content MUST be tagged with the AI Art tag.