Welcome to Wallhaven!

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    Thank you for your hard work.

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    The new stuff looks really cool, but most importantly: the website is so much faster and more responsive. Thank you!

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    Thanks a lot for all your and the community's hard work!

    Proud to be a 5 year member and looking forward to the next 5. I wish everyone the best of luck.

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    AksumkA said:

    First update!

    Thanks a ton everyone! Glad to see you're all still happy to be here!

    • Fixed goofy thread ordering
    • Fixed SEEN marker applying to wrong thumbs (thanks princeofsun)
    • Resorted user's collections again (PhoenixBlood)
    • Fixed a bug that could break profiles with an invalid wallpaper ID for the BG
    • Formatted dates in the API
    • Fixed issue with some emails for password resets not arriving

    Great! Thanks for your hard work .

    2560 x 1440117PNG

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    Great work to all of you, thank you! Enjoy the vacation..

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    Nice! Glad to see it finally release officially. It's like this awesome game, that remains in beta ;-) We're finally there, and nice work on the looks too!

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    cannot belive this! i found wallheaven when it announced its alpha version didnt give it much of a thought.. but now after 5 yrs it feels like community. site you cant live without. congrats a thousand..

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    AksumkA Glad the transition seems to have gone well. Part of me can't believe it actually happened.

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    Wow! awesome

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    Wow! awesome

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    Thanks for don't wipe all the data & favs.

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    Thanks man. All those hard works finally paid off.

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    Been here for 3 years browsing around, no better site for wallpapers, cheers!

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    Thank you for your hard word! I hope wallhaven keep on growing! Cheers!

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    Congrats! Best wallpapers site I've ever found! Thank you!

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    Small fixes pushed:

    • Fixed issue with uploading walls still appearing to be 'uploading' after being marked complete
    • Fixed count of selected resolutions being off by one
    • Maybe fixed an issue with the listing not loading for some users
    • Changed how the tags for the tag cloud get calculated
    • Few backend fixes