Welcome to Wallhaven!

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    Congrats, thanks for the work you do!

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    From wallbase, through alpha to this... I'm glad to be part of the journey! AksumkA does anyone know what happened to the OG of wb Yotoon in the end?

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    Thank you so much for your hard work! Love this site.

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    最新的网站在哪??? Where is the latest website???

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    lmaoooo 👆 wallhaven is great but the design is old af. we not in 2009 anymore. its time for some new paint and responsive/mobile design too.

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    Newly here,and hope be better Xp!

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    It is a pitty all the lists got deleted.

    Came from base-alpha-now.

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    Thanks!!! Good job!!!

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    hey I really like the main page great job

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    Heck yes! Been around since the Wallbase days and I'm so glad that tou guys made Wallhaven. Cheers to the greatest wallpaper site on the internet!

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    Best site ever. Congrats with everything.

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    After five years stuck at the alpha, it's time to move on (heh). Finally it's here!

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    Thank you for what you've done, this is my fav place! Love it!

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    Woohoo! It's back, and better than ever!

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    I browse this website almost every day,I LIKE IT

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    Thanks for the good work you provide !

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    Thank you all for your work on this site!

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    ^ Just so people know we don't allow the posting of personal pictures (only professional pics). Especially when the picture is of a minor. ^