Last movie you watched?

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    Finished watching all the marvel films in chronological order last night

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    We Own the Night Pride and Glory Narc

  • 22527

    Only God Forgives - 5/10 Very stylish, like Drive - but lacks the heart and story that the director's previous film has. Also has several WTF moments that I'm still scratching my head over now.

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    Joker - gripped throughout, thought this was very well made! 4/5

  • 22832

    Victor Frankenstein. My favorite movie of all time! 10/10

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    "Night Hunter" on Netflix. Stars Henry Cavill, the lovely Alexandra Daddario and Sir Ben Kingsley. Not a particularly cheery film as it's all about the hunt for serial sex offenders/killers but driven by a great plot and good acting. A rather enjoyable 90 minutes. The little speech Kingsley gives to a chap in bed near the start might give some pervs a few sleepless nights.

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    Watched Spenser Confidential last night, it was a nice easy watch. Nothing special though. Looked nice in Dolby vision