Last movie you watched?

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    Once Upon a Time on the West, 10/10. I guess classic doesn't need much intro - I saw it for, at least, third time!?

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    Was actually some time ago, but: Dunkirk 9/10 - it's hard to even rate by regular movie standards. Different from any war movie ever, different from any movie ever period. Another argument to my list of proof that Christopher Nolan is a genius. The Last Jedi 9/10 - pls no shitstorm here, long story short: it's quite different and has a ton of twists and surprises, but still very much Star Wars and I dig it a lot. Murder On The Orient Express 9.5/10 - may be "just" an ordinary remake of a classic novel, but everything about it is excellent, especially the acting. And the morale of the story is such a breath of fresh air, as it seems a lot of people these days think that a crime/detective story has to be uberdark, graphically violent and depressing in every way.

    So yeah, some great movies last year, imo. I don't actually always rate everything so high. :D

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    The Cloverfield Paradox 6/10

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    Prince of Persia and the Sands of Time 8/10

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    The Patriot 8.7/10

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    WallpaperManiac said:

    Three Kings (1999) 7/10

    Have you ever seen Oldboy (2004)?

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    The Nun 8/10

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    Ad Astra 5/10. Part art-house chin-stroker, part stupid and laughable space physics guff. Replace Brad Pitt with Austin Powers, minus the laughs, and you'd be pretty close. Looked great on IMAX and all 5 points solely for Brad. Should be every astrophysicist's Xmas movie for years to come

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    Running with the Devil. 6/10, wasn't too bad at all.

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    Superbad - rude, crude and funny, McLovin steals the show!

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    Eli on Netflix - 8/10. Difficult to write much without spoilering it but good twist at the end that I didnt see coming. Also got to say that, even with her small role in the film, I do feel that the red head girl from stranger things is a really good actress with a promising future ahead

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    The last 3 movies I (re) watched are :

    LOTR 1, 2 & 3

    I'm gonna (re) watch The Hobbit 1, 2 & 3 next !

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    Parasite 7/10 Korean dark comedy, drama with a bit of horror. One of the better films I've seen recently.

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    Just watched Birds of Prey and like the previous posters it was just boring and had nothing memorable at all in it. I would have enjoyed it more if it just had Bruce for the whole film as he was the most entertaining character.

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    Asagrim said:

    Terminator Genisys


    I am a fan of the franchise, mainly because Terminator was one of the first in a series of sci-fi movies that got me hooked on the genre as a kid decades ago. That being said I do not compare 30 year old standards of storytelling to current ones, which made this movie a very enjoyable experience for me.

    My experience with the movie (no spoilers):

    • I don't care much about cast choices as long as I don't see an actor, but a believable character on-screen.
    • the changes to the timeline were very easy to understand and straightforward at all times.
    • the movie made a habit of explaining, thus completely dismissing any possible inconsistencies concerning events as they happened or even prepared the viewer for them before they happened. (The previous point and this one together made the movie krunker io basically a "no-brainer".)
    • the movie had a good balance between action and actual events, so not a lot of parts can be skipped without missing out on details paramount to understanding what's happening (if you don't miss anything it becomes easy to follow though).

    Hotel Transylvania 9/10