Last movie you watched?

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    22 Jump Street. Funny and ridiculous. 6/10

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    ^I actually liked that one as well. Gave it 7/10 too. lol

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    Bukssna said:

    Just watched Mad Max. One of the best movies ever made. I think that highly of it. The colors and scenes were just absolutely stunning. 10/10

    Yeah but the story itself was over simplified and acting not so good. Some scenes were trashy IMO. 5/10

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    Watched Insidious: Chapter 3

    8/10 Jump Scares. Comedy. Wasn't scary enough IMO but i did enjoy it good movie.

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    American Sniper

    9/10 from me That's a best war movie of 2014 imo So good and also very emotional.

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    Inside Out


    Best movie of the year so far. Only other thing that has come close is Mad Max.

    Pixar is just amazing once again.

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    I saw Jurassic World yesterday with some friends. I give it a 7/10.

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    Furious 7

    One last ride. 8/10

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    Oblivion. 6.9/10 It was ok i guess.. I Can't take Tom Cruise's stupid face seriously, lol.

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    Just saw Anchorman 1 and 2 both of them are still great ! If you have Netflix, watch Anchorman 2 Super size edition !

    Anchorman 1 - 9.5/10 Anchorman 2 - 8,8/10 Anchorman 2(Super size edition) - 8,5/10

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    Last night with my friend,Unfortunately he was sleepy and finally fell asleep to be honest,i was scared ;) for fourth time,World War Z,,,awesome,,,9/10

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    Can we maybe have a soft rule about linking IMDb page of the movie, so curious ones can find the movie faster?