Last movie you watched?

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    Terminator Genisys


    Very average movie. The characters are miscast and the whole timeline jumble is flimsily explained. It is missing that level of awe that was present in the first two Terminator movies. Even the action is not that great. Nothing you haven't already seen so far.

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    Kung Fury


    Best thing I've seen in a long time. And that's not bad concidering it's freaking fan funded through Kickstarter. It has great parody, action, comedy, effects and a ridiculously cheezy plot. Expect over the top kung fu fights, vikings with miniguns, natzis and dinosaurs. It's simply amazing. If this one has eluded you and you are a sucker for old 80's action then go watch it!

    The whole 30 minute film is free and can be found on Youtube!

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    Salt (2010) 8/10 Ending is not quite clear. It's kind of left open for your imagination to fill the gap.

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    Interstellar; 9.5/10, loved the soundtrack, ending left a little to long for.

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    Terminator Genisys


    I am a fan of the franchise, mainly because Terminator was one of the first in a series of sci-fi movies that got me hooked on the genre as a kid decades ago. That being said I do not compare 30 year old standards of storytelling to current ones, which made this movie a very enjoyable experience for me.

    My experience with the movie (no spoilers):

    • I don't care much about cast choices as long as I don't see an actor, but a believable character on-screen.
    • the changes to the timeline were very easy to understand and straightforward at all times.
    • the movie made a habit of explaining, thus completely dismissing any possible inconsistencies concerning events as they happened or even prepared the viewer for them before they happened. (The previous point and this one together made the movie basically a "no-brainer".)
    • the movie had a good balance between action and actual events, so not a lot of parts can be skipped without missing out on details paramount to understanding what's happening (if you don't miss anything it becomes easy to follow though).
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    Epic 7/10

    Ferris Bueller's Day Off - 9/10 For me the ULTIMATE coming-of age film. SO Funny. And i can't believe this movie is almost 30 Years! old

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    Max Max: Fury Road

    2880 x 180011

    Totally insane! One of the best action movies this year :) Atleast for me


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    Labyrith, the oldest one, with David Bowie.

    Is too much boring. :(

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    Pryde and glory (2008) typical story about polices 7/10

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    Gilbert Grape (1993)


    From a time when Johnny Depp actually made many GOOD movies (and some bad as well). At least he was not a walking Cartoon-Figure and was bored to do death at work.

    Heartwarm, Touching and truly enjoyable.

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    Pontypool 7/10 Nice Twist on the old Z-Genre

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    Jurassic World 2015

    2880 x 18008

    Great movie to watch! Honestly, no bad words at all ;)


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    Last I watched was Mad Max: Fury Road... It was brilliantly done.

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    TED 2

    Better than the first film. Got to watch this Movie Very Funny. 10/10

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    It Follows 6/10 Decent Horror film. Not great IMO

    Extinction 9/10 A must watch film for people that like zombies. Would definitely watch this again.

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    Elysium It's kinda ok i guess, the ending was somewhat disappointing. 6/10

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    Saving Private Ryan (for the fourth time ever)

    9/10, great film

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    Green Street Hooligans

    8/10 to me.

    Pretty nice movie. Not great, but pretty nice. The theme is really interesting and unexplored, and besides, Elijah Wood is awesome in it. Recommend.

    Edge of Tomorrow

    9/10 to me.

    I started watching expecting to see a lot of action bullshit, giving it has Tom Cruise in it, but was really surprised as the movie shows a thematic I would never forecast. Very nice surprise, although it can get a bit tedious after the inumerous comebacks (if you watched it, you know what I'm talking about). But definitely recommend it.