Games that recently wasted your precious time!

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    Rimworld, factorio and Rise to ruins. Time well spent.

  • 21482

    Assetto Corsa and Borderlands 2

  • 21621

    Before it was Apex, now, Space Station 13.

  • 21622

    Team fortress 2 / 2.5k+ hrs

  • 21629

    BATTLEFIELD 4 <3 idk why but my love to this game came back and i'm addicted to it again now

  • 21651

    SuperHot in VR. My friend recommended that I buy VR. I listened to it and still bought an Oculus Quest. I've never been so wrong before. I thought that the game in VR is nonsense because it loses a lot of features available in a normal game, but I was very mistaken. VR is the future of the gaming industry and with the help of virtual reality app development company, many developers are able to create their own VR games without putting a lot of effort.

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  • 21977

    Goddamn Witcher 3! It is so good I have played it for 4 days straight so far and am probably not even half way through. Such an amazing game!

  • 21986

    At the moment I'm interested in playing Plants vs Zombies. Later I will see if I can play some games on my Xbox.

  • 22064

    Clash of Clans, LOL and Apex Legends

  • 22073

    I couldn't find a good RPG on Switch, so I started a new save on Etrian Odyssey 4. It's still addicting after all these years, even though the first boss is kicking my rear end :v

  • 22189

    Command and Conquer Remastered Collection. Any veteran here?

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  • 22206

    Terraria has recently a LITTLE time. I really like that game and played 72 straight hours playing, really recommended. Oh and also been playing a lot of Brawl Stars

  • 23149

    Witcher 3 and Far Cry 5, I play them everynight 10 hours..

  • 23988

    apex and dota

  • 24002

    call of duty i'm thinking about buying a ps5

  • 24258

    My favorite games are top dog game and Prince of Persia: The Warrior Within - it has everything perfect for me personally. Platformer elements (acrobatics and the whole thing is connected with passing all sorts of obstacles), slasher mechanics with excellent combinations that turn combat into a natural dance, the atmosphere of the place we are in, creating the impression of the unknown and the mysteries around the island, visually everything is also super, the ost too, so somehow it creates the very atmosphere that I described above. In addition, the game has pretty good opponents. Well, story-wise it's pretty good too, as are the characters in the story. Dahaka still gives me goosebumps.

  • 24259

    My first and favorite online game called "MicroVolts(Surge)" that has shutdown years ago :'c there is an unofficial version of it called "Toyheroes" Nowadays i only play Paladins and im +300 lvl with many skins and mounts xD