Games that recently wasted your precious time!

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    Rimworld, factorio and Rise to ruins. Time well spent.

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    Assetto Corsa and Borderlands 2

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    Before it was Apex, now, Space Station 13.

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    Team fortress 2 / 2.5k+ hrs

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    BATTLEFIELD 4 <3 idk why but my love to this game came back and i'm addicted to it again now

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    SuperHot in VR. My friend recommended that I buy VR. I listened to it and still bought an Oculus Quest. I've never been so wrong before. I thought that the game in VR is nonsense because it loses a lot of features available in a normal game, but I was very mistaken. VR is the future of the gaming industry and with the help of virtual reality app development company, many developers are able to create their own VR games without putting a lot of effort.

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