Games that recently wasted your precious time!

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    @Cynster said:

    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. ƃoƃ puɐ ɯɹp

    That's cute xD

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    Enter The Gungeon

    Glorious pew pew pew experience in 2D.

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    Rocket League or Kerbal Space Program... combined I have 1500 hours between the two of them... But I wouldn't call those wasted hours!

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    Overwatch is consuming me now.

    Sorry everyone.

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    cs 1.6 has been consuming my time for years now. still play it, will probably keep playing it till all the servers wither and die. [inb4 no i wont switch to go it is an abomination]

    also have about a dozen games waiting to be played that wont run on my laptop :/

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    cahlfin I've only ever played cs:s which still has a good few populated servers. I might try cs:go when its cheap on steam again.

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    Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri wikipedia

    There is no game that I would love more to code for Android.

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    1. Euro Truck Simulator 2
    2. Dirty Bomb
    3. Warface
    4. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Phantoms
    5. Marvel Heroes 2016
    6. War Thunder
    7. Star Conflict
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    Overwatch, and it's not even out yet!

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    TWoM and Town of Salem.

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    Too many : Quake3, UT, lot of BFs (stop on BF3)... More recently, Rocket League (200h+) and Overwatch Beta (but also Heroes of the Storm, since alpha version).

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    Gandalf unless you like playing for rank and fancy skins, don't bother. it's like a mishmash of 1.6, cod and battlefield. ( i prefer to phrase that in a less restrained way but unsure of forum rules... any language restrictions and such?)

    apart from the CS games, there are quite a few multiplayers I would like to play, but unfortunately in my part of the world anything except cs, dota or lol doesnt have a lot of players.

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    Finally trying my hand at Skyrim. Up to level 18 now and enjoying immensely. Of course it helps that I modded it so much it's barely recognisable. Also replaying Fallout New Vegas with a ton of mods.

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    League of legends and Counter-Strike Global Offensive bot games i was is like 1k hours

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    Nintendo Entertainment System : The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past||| Time spent: less than 7h per play replayed it ALOT ||| Grade: I can't... ||| Good times Flash: ShellShock Live 2 ||| Time spent: Kept playing for more than 2 years. hours nt:~+500h ||| Grade : 8/10 ||| What to expect: shit loads of weapons and good gui. Unity: Creeper World 3 Abraxis ||| Time spent : ~20h ||| Grade: 7/10 ||| What to expect: good game/story Steam: Deadpool ||| Time spent: +60h ||| Grade: Chimichanga/10 ||| What to expect: :D PS2: Bloody Roar 4 ||| Time spent : +500h ||| Grade: 8.5/10 ||| What to expect: lots of characters with lots of special moves. PS3: CoD Black ops 1 |||Time spent : +300h ||| Grade: 8.5/10 || expect a lot :)

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    X-Com 2 Great Game!
    Forza Horizon 3 Just Beautiful Advanced Military Commander Up to +200 Hours, he he!

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    Retro Mini-Nes. All those (mostly) good Memories...I'm getting Old! :-)

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    Just Re-beat Last of Us on hard mode. Will likely beat it again the hardest difficulty, love that game,

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    Resident Evil 7 Biohazard: 9/10 I'm vicious with warface xD

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    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition w/ mods (88 hours and counting, started last 2 weeks ago)

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    Osu! (Currently 79k in the world), Overwatch, and the Senran Kagura series.

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    Crowfall certainly wasted lots of my time, don't let it do the same to you! It's still in quite rough shape.

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    Shadow Warrior 2, in theory the systems work. In theory. Execution fails, the "first" was linear but each map felt better more interesting rather than the same boring semi-open level that I keep revisiting. The weapons also lack impact, the upgrade slots and elemental damage slow down gameplay and reduce choice, same with all the DPS stats. The chi system puts me off using the powers so I can save it entirely for healing. Ultimately all the changes hamper the game. The sword was my main weapon but it just doesn't carve through the demonic hordes like it used to and now feels unsatisfactory. The "open" levels are lacking, it feels like my hand is held by a crappy GPS drawing a line making it feel more linear than the previous, the amount of invisible walls and untraversable rooftops also slow down movement. Funnily, even with the dash now being unlimited it feels slower. The characters are unlikeable and disinteresting, Hoji was great and his character worked well with Wang but the girl doesn't; she feels like a cheap shoehorned in replacement and fails to entertain. The jokes are mostly recycled and mostly fall flat, hearing them so often doesn't help, oddly the fact that the jokes didn't always work added previous' charm. The reload animations aren't varied enough and don't accurately represent how much is loaded into the gun. They hyped up a procedural gore system but I don't have time to revel in the carnage. The controls aren't as tight either, spells are all assigned to individual buttons (which may be preferable to some) but comes at the cost of the quick melee.

    Yet to try co-op, but I'm sure playing with friends would make it more entertaining, this is a 6 at best and is entirely forgettable at 9 hours in.