Games that recently wasted your precious time!

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    The Crew, 50 H in game. Too bad this thing doesn't have steam trading cards. The game had too many cards anyway.

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    Right now this is what kills my social life...

    Diablo 3 ... so many hours Forza 5 + Horizon 2 .... so many hours Shadow warrior Madden Shadows of Mordor

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    Just Cause 2. I could play that for months and not get bored. Like GTA but bigger and better

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    All my time.. Team fortress 2.

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    i dont get it why is heroes of the storm on steroids? It's really dumbed version of them, way easy and less awarding on solo perfomance than team play.

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    Started playing again after the 1.3 update. Played 90ish hours in about 10 days.

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    GTA: San Andreas Multiplayer.

    Have never finished GTA: SA itself but the multiplayer is awesome. So many game modes possible! Don't really know how much time I spent on it but I remember starting playing it when I was 15 all the way until becoming 18 years of age..

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    cudiedgar Well unlike other games of same genre, rounds are short, there are no items, a lot really a lot of AOE madness, crazy variation of maps with epic monsters... These are my arguments to back up the statement its MOBA on steroids(since I played others, and none were addictive and good as this). Hopefully now you understand. But hey this is just my subjective opinion.

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    Terraria (new 1.0.3 version) and Hero Siege.

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    Terraria 1.3

    My first play-through...

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    Do you play MTA or SA:MP? I play MTA on the biggest server called "FFS Gaming"

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    AgEnTx19 said:

    Do you play MTA or SA:MP? I play MTA on the biggest server called "FFS Gaming"

    I play SA:MP ^^ But not as active as before..

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    Destiny; always. The addiction is real T_T. So repetitive, but so many things I still need to get done...

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    Clicker Heroes, it's literally just a 50 MB casual clicker free game I got from Steam. Dunno why I got so addicted to it

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    I've gotta say that - World of Warcraft, is the game who has stole most time of my life, other than my GF . I haven't played it recently, but it definately tops my list. These days I'm more into CSGO, BF4 and that kind of stuff other than anything else.

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    Driver Parallel Lines, just finished it again. Good old game to play. 9/10

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    D3, patiently waiting for patch 2.3 and the start of season 4.

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    TERA. Took eons to download just to be removed because of failure applying patch and all gameforge launcher madness. If you are like me(from Europe), I suggest you don't even bother downloading. Launcher is bugged. Took my space up to 54 GB overwriting itself(and didn't stop)....

    Heroes III of Might and Magic recently. Old but gold. 10/10

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    Burnout Paradise Ultimate Box

    31 hours and counting (according to Steam). Everytime I need to format a computer (or change to a new one) I forget to backup the save file and need to start from scratch :/ Now aiming to get 100% completion.

    Also Terraria, League of Legends (you can tell from my avatar), Transistor, Hotline Miami 2 aaaaaaaaaaand that's about it.

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    All hail to "Metal gear solid v : the phantom pain" and "Mad max" I've been playing the cracked versions for the past 3 days ._.

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    i recently discovered that we live in a time where morrowind runs on a netbook. that is all.