Games that recently wasted your precious time!

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    LOL League of Leagends

    Added 2018-05-29 12:34:41

    LOL League of Leagends

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    Civilization V - never gets old, came back to it recently as I needed something more relaxing Sacred 2 - massively underrated classic and it still looks beautiful

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    Final Fantasy 6 9.5 or 10/10

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    1) CS:GO close to reach 1600 hours on a single account and about 2200 hours wasted, as total. 2) a mmorpg whose name I will not say, where I spend way too much time; a lot more than cs:go

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    Final Fantasy XV.

    Looking and playing great.

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    Now I am into CS:GO. I think everyone heard about this game and played it. I played CS:GO on different game servers with other players, but now I want to play in new place I heard that It is great new platform there [url][/url] for CS:GO players.

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    Devil May Cry 5

    This game is perfect well almost maybe it should be a little bit longer.

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    Persona 3 FES, Xenosaga trilogy, Wild Arms 3, Pokemon Ultra Sun, Fire Emblem Fates.

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    Fallout 1-2 ~20 days each WOW+TBC 100+ days ARK 1300+ hours Fallout 4 350+ hours WOT 100+ days Farming Simulator 17 230+ hours

    Lots of oldschool games (Transport Tycoon2, Q3A, Heroes 2-3, Settlers 1, Warcraft 2, etc.), and countless hours.

    Edit: I forgot: Ingress and PokemonGO Dunno how many hours... :D

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    Can't count how many hours until now... :-)

    Some Gamers can beat this in nearly 40 Minutes? Freakin Awesome, or should i call it "sick" ?

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    Recently replayed Pillars Of Eternity 1 and 2. Also played The Outer Worlds, still have to finish it though. I am a huge Black Isle/Obsidian Entertainment fan, so I have played and like most of their games.

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    Finished Jedi Fallen Order 8/10

    Currently playing GreedFall 7/10 so far.

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    This may be getting out of hand :D

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    I was playing the new Monster Hunter Expansion for PC, but then FF XIV sent me another booty call.