Thanks for 10 years of wallhaven!

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    Thank you for this best wallpapers site!

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    I joined in 2018, apparently. Thanks for the best wallpaper site!

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    Congratulations to everybody involved.

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    Respect to staff for the long service in maintaining a huge free collection of wallpapers!

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    10 years old! Congratulations. I've been using this resource since the days of wallbase. I recommend this website to all my friends 👍

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    Man, we are definitely getting old.

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    Discovered Wallhaven back in December 2014. Still my favorite wallpaper website. Thank you!!

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    AksumkA said:

    Hey everyone!

    Would you believe we've been around a full decade already? As of a few days ago (I'm late!!) it's true! Wild.

    Just wanted to say thanks for stopping by! Whether you've been here this whole time or just stumbled your way in here today (welcome!), thanks!

    Make sure to take care of yourselves and those around you and keep it chill!

    Congrats on 10 yrs! Love the site!!

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    THANKS! To those who created, uploaded, and browsed. One of my favorite places to visit.

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    Congratulations! Thank you to all the staff and lovely members for keeping it going

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    Thanx 4 10 Years and Congratulations!

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    wallhaven <З /.congrats🎉

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    Thanks for the convenient website and the community that adds quality wallpapers!

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    i really love this page, i open it every day <3 to see the news uploads