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    I created a app to view and download wallpapers on the go from wallhaven: WallHaven Google Play

    • Google nuked the old app because of content rating and wont let me change it so I republished it

    Note: This app will be coming to iOS in the coming weeks

    Here is a few previews for the beta build:

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    Just installed it on android phone running latest Pie version. Keeps crashing when trying to open it.

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    As soon as I fixed it google nuked the app because of the "Sketchy" category i have a new version come online same name just diff package ID cause googles system fails

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    It'll be awesome if you provided the apk for the app unless you plan to make a paid version, then i'll gladly get that too! :P

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    it's back in the app store but sigh it has a crash issue

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    Great job! will install the app as soon it is available on iOS)

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    nyashka said:

    Great job! will install the app as soon it is available on iOS)

    Been working on the iOS port, there is a few issues right now with ho downloading works, but I should have something very soon

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    Will you implement the nsfw filters, too? Other than that the app seems to work very well, good job!

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    I might bring it back with a entirely new UI, I have one in my head designed and on paper, its something i might just do

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    Cool, how's it been going? What are you using on the development? Is it Android Studio directly or something else?

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    It's android studio and i haven't had much freetime to work on it