Regarding the "eyes hidden" tag

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    Hey guys!

    There's been a tag named "eyes hidden" that has been deleted recently. It was used (by me as well) for pics of people where:

    (yes, Ura Pechen is the champion of such shitty photos)

    There is a misunderstanding in the rules (and in some staff members as well, I guess) regarding the fact that tags may be used not only to include content (as when searching) but to exclude content as well (when lazy-browsing the walls catalog).

    So, considering all of the above, there IS a need for a tag like "eyes hidden" to filter out content that the user doesn't want. I like to look a girl in the eye and perceive her as a whole, not just some random body parts, if you know what I mean. =)

    Maybe the name "eyes hidden" isn't very well-fitting for the purpose, but can we together come up with an appropriate tag (or maybe several tags) to handle these situations?

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    This tag was mostly used excessively, like when a person was photographed from behind or the whole face was unseen. Make no sense for me.

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    Let's be honest, there's a ton of shitty tags here. One or two extra tags won't make any notable difference. But those tags could make a good filter once I put them in the ignore list. 👍

    Could that be "eyes not seen" for photos with the cropped face or "face not seen" for photos from behind and photos of body parts? For photos from behind there's "rear view", but in some of them the head is turned towards the camera, I wouldn't like to exclude those.

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    What about "head not seen" if the entire head is cropped out?

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