Who is your favourite uploader?

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    I'm just curious about who your favourite uploader is. I don't have a favourite, because I mostly just look around in recent uploads.

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    Not a basic programmer with MMO and porn addiction ;)

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    Anyone who uploads a wallpaper that I actually use.

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    Everybody, who upload SG Katherine/Rebecca Crow Wallpapers

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    It's hard to say "favorite" uploader maybe saying "main" - the ones from who you expect find nice wp Lets say i keep my look at 4 active anime uploaders.

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    Hmm.. I think lumberjacck is my favorite uploader of all time, and his collection is awesome :)

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    That's a tough question, but I would have to say it's valeyard.

    I only follow 2 guys and it's because they are the only ones (that I could find) that consistently have good uploads without half naked women, anime, or worse, half naked anime girls (which there's a lot in here).

    Just to be clear, I don't have anything against anime or the "sexy" walls that are posted, but they aren't the ideal walls for me, I rather have a nice piece of art or a cool drawing.