unfair permanent ban

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    I've been banned for 3 months but I doing this thread now because I did one right after the ban but no admin responded so I posting again 3 months later to not be considered as spam

    Because these wallpapers i've been banned https://wallhaven.cc/w/jxkd8p https://wallhaven.cc/w/yxg9jl https://wallhaven.cc/w/o5ljdp https://wallhaven.cc/w/m3wyp8 https://wallhaven.cc/w/p9jg83 https://wallhaven.cc/w/exe2yo

    I dont know even you can see the wallpapers because was excluded a long time ago If you can't see its collage wallpaper in that style

    NSFWYou need to be logged in to view this wallpaper.

    "So why you complaining? collage is not allowed" Yeah but there is some wallpapers uploaded that is in the same collage style as the ones I tried to upload and most of them are not even reported so I thought "well these kind of collage is allowed and moreover this wallpapers are made by the artists themselves as a wallpaper version of the images"

    Is fair I receive a ban if there is wallpapers uploaded in the same style?. Its obvious that I would think this kind of collage wallpaper is allowed if there are many uploads

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    The rules say no collages. https://wallhaven.cc/rules#Uploading

    If you see other collages on this site its because the admins just haven't gotten around to removing them yet because there are lots of reported wallpapers to work through. See, your thinking was wrong when you thought collages were allowed.