So about this AI Art stuff

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    Thank you, nice to know you're still around and working on this project after all the years :))

    I guess AI art is here to stay for the years to come, but that was taking way too much space on the lastest wallpapers page. I do think that is a balanced decision for the time being.

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    Applause, good measures for the time being. Thank you so much.

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    I appreciate everything y'all do for this site. It has been my #1 go to for many years now since I discovered it way back. Whatever decisions y'all make, I'm cool with it.

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    I want to have filter for planes and cars as well. Sometimes the Latest Page is flooded with those kind of images too. If you want to shadow ban some topics, you have to implement to those as well... C'mon, this is an wallpapers website, not for artists.

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    Smart move! Recently, all the popular pictures have been dominated by AI-generated images, which is quite repulsive. By the way, thank you for everything you have done for this website.

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    Good change, now I don't have to individually blacklist users as they come through latest

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    Oh god, finally, this is a rly good decision! :)

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    Finally. Greatly appreciated!

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    I'm excited by the idea of overhauling the subscriptions system. That's going to be a real bear to work with though. I wish you luck with it.

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    Be very careful this does not lead down a slippery slope...

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    I've seen a lot of appreciation for #AI art in the number of favourites, subscriptions and comments, but if this is the will of the majority rather than a vocal minority, I have no problem with it.

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    AksumkA said:

    Happy to announce the first actual update to the site in almost a year! Shame I had to break the streak.

    We are now filtering AI Art out by default for all users.

    Check the AI Art filter in the search bar to enable/disable on the fly, or for our registered users, feel free to enable/disable the setting from your browsing settings.

    This is welcome. Thank you.

    Due to the way subscriptions work, AI art (and any other blacklisted tags/users) will still show in your subscriptions if the wallpaper is tagged with another tag you're subscribed to. I am planning on reworking how subscriptions work, but no ETAs or promises just yet. I would strongly suggest only subscribing to tags that are unique enough that you might otherwise miss them. Generic tags that get hundreds of new uploads a week are not a good fit for the subscriptions. Anyone who's had their subscriptions page break, this is why!

    I will be honest, as much as I have been railing for this... their was an thing in the back of my mind that wondered how easy it was going to be. I didn't think that it was and anything that you can do to solve this will also be welcome... take the time that you need to get this one right, I will have to live with AI Art in my subscriptions in the meanwhile.

    I also updated our rules to include a few AI related changes. Key changes are:

    • AI art generated with the same or similar prompts now classify as a part of a set. No more than 5 variations are allowed.
    • All uploads containing AI generated content MUST be tagged with AI art. Users who fail to tag their uploads correctly will lose their uploading privileges.

    That is reasonable, a welcome change to the rules. It is nice to get some clarity.

    Now as far as my stance on all of this: I strongly dislike AI art. I'm hopeful that this is a fad that will pass as people get bored. Adding these filters does not mean I'm endorsing AI art. A ban on it isn't yet off the table, we'll see how everyone feels with the new filter.

    Honestly my worry with AI Art is that it is simple enough to automate, once that happens... their will be no stopping this flood. I am of the opinion that this fad will burn out like most of them do but once automated these LLM's will have a staying power that is dictated purely by volume. The fact that you are keeping your options open when it comes to banning the content is admirable. We'll see if things slow down in the next few months but I doubt it.

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    This is good, I disliked seeing ai art the whole time. Great decision.

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    I am glad that this issue has been resolved because I had come to the point of leaving this site, this is the site I use most actively, this was upsetting me.

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    I'm sorry, is russian language somehow not allowed here? Why you keep deleting my harmless posts lol?