So about this AI Art stuff

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    Thank God for the filter. I was so annoyed by the pool of AI uploads everytime I tried to check for new wallpapers. We have 4chan and other places for AI arts anyway

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    thanks a lot for this, AI generated wallpapers was starting to ruin the whole wallhaven premium experience for me.

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    i agree with this filter, thanks :)

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    We are now filtering AI Art out by default for all users.

    This is the way.

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    I appreciate the attempts to block ai art and enjoy no longer seeing it when generally browing, but I've found that it's mostly a handful of uploaders creating the spam that ends up making its way into my subscriptions. I block them individually, but they still show up, meaning I still see their "art" regardless of whether I want to see it or even if I block them.

    Since they're going to try and create spam based on every category possible, the subscriptions viewer needs some kind of adaptation- at the very least, a way to filter out uploaders you've blocked.

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    Appreciate it! Have been seeing a lot of them lately

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    AI is beautiful,as long as we look it nice ,is not that enough?Some people do not like it,I can understand,but please don't disable it.

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    In my humble opinion the button is an unneeded addition. But hey, good to see the rule change demanding better tagging, so that people that are "so emotional about it" can just blacklist a tag.

    I do not upload "AI Art" and have no intention to, i dont consider myself an artist at all for making some either & i totally agree that a bunch of it is of "subpar quality", but i really dont get why people are so against it? these models are just a new tool for artists, i dont get why a bunch of people are pretending like its the end of creativity, to me it really says a lot more about those people making these claims then it does about "AI Art". Did those "content aware" additions to Photoshop end creativity like a bunch of people were screaming about at the time? no? weird that... Why are you all so convinced that it will happen this time around? while at the same time complaining about the quality of a lot of this "AI Art"??? do you not see the disconnect with these 2 statements??? if the quality sucks then why are you worried??????

    Anyway, if wallhaven is going to ban "AI Art" that's going to honestly be a pretty cringe development, not all "AI Art" is bad and some people do put time and effort in their work, there's no need to ban "AI Art" as a whole just because some people upload their "my first prompts" images, if you want the community to have more control over the quality of the content (read: let them penalize "bad AI Art") then just add some rating system for all images (like wallhaven could've used for a few years now)

    With all due respect etc: dont force your close minded opinion ("AI Art bad") on your community, there's equal amounts of people against and for "AI Art" (honestly i feel like the 'for' group is bigger but that might just be my opinion) and an even bigger amount of people is completely indifferent and just here for some wallpapers, its important to realize that the last group simply doesnt care how those wallpapers are generated, so why 'deny' them some content?

    To summarize:

    • "AI Art" Button = meh, overly dramatic & a bit sad that its filtered on default, but whatever
    • New tag rules = great job, all that was really needed imho
    • Possibly ban "AI Art" in the future = extremely closeminded and even tho im very much not here for downloading "AI Art" i would move to some other community if this change happens because it would be completely unnecessary censorship and just plain sad.


    In my extremely humble opinion: a self respecting platform that understands this development would be doing the opposite right now, instead of being against "AI Art" and going out of your way to hide it, just embrace it, make an actual 4th category for it, read out and display meta-data, link to models on huggingface/civitai, start making guides on how to create good outputs worthy of uploading, etc. But that's just me misunderstanding it seems.


    EDIT: Having finished reading the thread after making my post, i probably should have done that first:

    I pretty much agree with Donatello and he's exactly the sort of "AI Art" maker that i'm trying to make you all aware of, please start accepting that not everyone is just generating 100's of pictures a day from a basic prompt and calling it art, there are also people that put in a lot of time and effort to create actually good stuff, dont penalize them just because of some other people uploading their basic generations.

    Also, i actually think part of the issue here is calling it all "AI Art" when most of us would agree that at least half (or more) does not deserve the label 'art' at all, maybe consider a different tag/button-label?

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    Absolutely the right decision. NSFW-section because of this garbage began to turn into some kind of "sterile" conveyor.

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    I will respect this decision 100%, but I already have AI art that any of you would think was made by AI if not tagged correctly (thing I will not do!).

    My account is 8 years old and I started posting all original content as a 2D artist, then I took the time to learn 3D and now I´m learning AI, different training models and all kinds of AI tools. If you know what you are doing and use the correct tools, NOBODY can tell if the image is AI generated. You are too used to the lowest garbage-tier of "free site" AI art and I agree that they are annoying when they spam low quality images.

    To all the haters, resistance is futile! :)

    Anyways, any improvement to the site is always good.

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    I can accept Ai art, but hate low quality AI art , But no matter what, I hope Wallhaven gets better and better。I support this decision......

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    very good

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    very good

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    Pretty good, I have had enough of these boring AI arts. I almost gave up this site since AI arts began to fill my page.