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    Hey guys, new thread. Rules: Reply with a wallpaper that is primarily the following colour in the rainbow e.g. If the previous wall is mostly red, then reply with an orange one, and the next person replies with a yellow one and so on. (Standard rainbow colours are Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo(optional), and violet/purple.) Easy right? One clause though, your wall has to be of the current theme, Ill change the theme from time to time, but the first theme is NATURE. Please put the current theme at the top of your post so the next person knows without having to trace it back.

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    I'll start: Nature.

    2048 x 125916

    Alright, quick edit guys: Each theme can go on for 10 cycles. Whoever posts the purple for the 10th cycle, or the red for the 11th cycle gets to pick the next theme. One condition though: No NSFW pics/themes please. Thanks!😁✌

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