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    Hey everyone, I released my app on the play store way back, which is completely based on wallhaven website. You can do everything that the API has allowed & it also has some neat features like auto wallpaper & much more. []()

    • wallpapers with resolutions up to 8k
    • Add API key and access every feature related to it
    • Auto wallpaper set once and forget
    • Set wallpaper just by long pressing on the image. No need to download
    • Download as many images as you like
    • Purity filters as implemented in the website
    • category filters as implemented in the website
    • Resolution filters as implemented in the website
    • aspect-ratio filters as implemented in the website
    • Add images to your favourite to find them later easily
    • Light and Dark theme
    • Search for your favourite keywords
    • Share images with your friends

    I would love your feedback & thanks for checking it out.

    Some images :P

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    Hey, Your link goes to an app that is not updated in more than a year.


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    I mean, it can do everything it needs to do just fine & I am focusing more on my college as of now, so idk if I should try fixing something that isn't broken in the first place.