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    Do you use Steam to play games? What game(s) do you play?

    username: SwiftStrikes most played: Dota 2, GTA V, CS:GO, Skyrim, DayZ, H1Z1 and more.

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    I do! Currently, I'm playing through Black Mesa and the last Tomb Raider. I would get GTA V for PC but I would have to upgrade my video card first (I believe I can play it on minimum settings with the one I have).

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    yes i use steam but didnt pirchase GTA5 on it since it was cheaper to buy it from the local games store, though for all my other games, i bought them on steam, but finishing this semester of university first before i get cracking into some games.

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    username: dclanz lots of games but i'm focusing on the witcher 3 and dbz xenoverse at the moment.

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    Username: Scumbagporks Most Played: TES: Skyrim, GTA V, Total War, Fallout 3, Civilization V, Gmod and L4D2.

    Lately I'm playing much GTA V, so whether you want to add in SocialClub for play some heist the nick is Porkss

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    Hello :3 Unr0w's steam profile Games that i usually play : CS:GO / Awesomenauts / Gmod / L4d2 / H1Z1 / Terraria .......... on! :] And if you are gonna add me you better be from Europe, since i can't play on NA servers.

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    My Steam account can be found here. I mainly play CS:GO these days but I can play anything co-op or such that can be found in my games library.

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    Username: Emperor_Zombie Favorite Games: Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 | Verdun | Crusader Kings II | Chivalry: Medieval Warfare | Insurgency |

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    Username: tolbiac-110 Most Played: Verdun, Counter-Strike: Source, Half-Life

    Linux gamer, general nerd.

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    Username: FuriouZ Currently playing: Grid 2, Grid Autosport, Dirt 3 Complite Edition

    If you wan't to play something online, don't afraid to add me ;)

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    Username: Nyksund

    Catching up with my game backlog from one thousand Humble Bundles :( (and Burnout Paradise too because Criterion)

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    Username: BRAINfreeze Most played: TF2, Dota 2, Civilization V, Binding of Isaac (and Rebirth) Other games you can play with me: Tabletop Simulator, Left 4 Dead 2, Divekick, Killing Floor, Borderlands Pre-sequel

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    Username: RockstEdy

    Mostly FPS games. I was a big Call of Duty player back when we can admin the servers. Spent a lot of times playing Borderlands 2 and The Pre-sequel. I play a lot of 7 Days to Die now as I run a few servers for it.

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    Username: Brucefan12

    Even split between Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition and Saint's Row IV Game Of The Century . Saint's Row may have slight lead.

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    I used steam in past for playing games

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