What is your favourite subject in school or university?

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    My most hated subject was drawing. I was constantly under-rated because I can’t draw. That kind of nonsense? Not everyone can draw beautifully,but if you don’t know how to draw, catch a bad grade.

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    Wasn't being condescending at all. That was an overestimation.

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    My favourite subject is, video games.. Ha Ha lol

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    My favourite subje is ,my math teacher ,she is very beautiful,and her chest is very very big,i really want to capture it.

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    I really want to know that math teacher!

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    My favorite is Drawing and Computer Science!

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    Mine is Computer Science and math, a bit of reading. Kind of all

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    Finance and accounting. Its time to run different online sites or apps for earn or spend money. But better to promote it and find new customers who interest in crypto world. I usually use display ads in one network for promotion. I do not know my future websites will be popular or not among customers

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