What is your favourite subject in school or university?

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    My most hated subject was drawing. I was constantly under-rated because I can’t draw. That kind of nonsense? Not everyone can draw beautifully,but if you don’t know how to draw, catch a bad grade.

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    Wasn't being condescending at all. That was an overestimation.

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    My favourite subject is, video games.. Ha Ha lol

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    My favourite subje is ,my math teacher ,she is very beautiful,and her chest is very very big,i really want to capture it.

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    My favorite is Drawing and Computer Science!

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    Mine is Computer Science and math, a bit of reading. Kind of all

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    My first baccalaureate was in Statistics, which back then required taking the Philosophy of Science course. I put off that class until my penultimate semester because I could think of little else that sounded so boring and removed from the elegance and utility of the numbers and formulae. It turned out that was a joke I played on myself, since that was the best class I took in any subject during my entire formal education, and where I had anticipated struggling to grasp the material instead I excelled.

    I remained in contact with the professor even after I got my degree and was beginning my career. Partly at his urging and partly because work really sucks compared to school, I ended up enrolling at another university to get my second baccalaureate, naturally this time in Philosophy. I got so much out of those 2½ years, things that have had a far greater impact on my daily life and the way I live than the majority of what I learned about probability and statistical inference. If I were king for a day, I'd issue an edict that everyone had to get a top-notch liberal arts education with no exceptions. It's a shame there's such an emphasis on studying in STEM which (in my experience) can be learned just as well in any setting, when there really is no substitute for the classroom interactions in the liberal arts.

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    In primary school my favourite was Chemistry. Is secondary school was Physics. At the university, where I studied as Chemichal Engineer, was Physical-Chemistry and Computer Aided Process Design.

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    I loved History and Math and hate English. Writing is not my strong suit. I study abroad and often apply for cheap essay help. They help a lot me with all my paper work and grammar check. Useful service for foreign students.

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