Who's your FAV videogame character of all time ?

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    My personal favorite character is Corvo Attano\Dishonored i just like this game a lot and think its the only REALLY GOOD bethesda game...share the same thoughts with me ?

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    Heather Mason aka Cheryl Mason from Silent Hill 3, my favorite game of all time.

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    I like Barbarians from Clash of Clans, it's my favorite game right now

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    Shani, from witcher 3..

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    1. Salem (Army Of Two)
    2. JD Fenix (Gears Of War)
    3. Ellie (Last Of Us)
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    Valeria Jenner from Counter Strike. I think this is the only female character from all the games that appeals to me because they didn't try to make her feminine and attractive. She's a fighter - just like the others. Or even better. In general cs:go is a unique game. I like playing with live people and the fact that you have to think here. I like analysis, I like doing it. In addition I learned about https://scope.gg not so long ago and now my game life has become quite interesting.

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    I like all the characters from the Legend of Dragoon, and most of the characters from Persona 5.