Spam Bot Running Rampant

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    Hey guys as of about 9 hours ago my time, a spam account labeled davisrw990 was created and has left 92 spam comments on profiles including mine. Individual accounts don't seem to have a Report or Flag option so I'm coming here instead.

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    Ya... Sadly there isn't much we can do about it as the feature isn't implemented. I know AA wants to eventually get it working so we can nuke a user's profile comments, but as it stand the feature isn't in yet. If it occurs again post here or in the discord and we will try to clear it up.

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    For your peace of mind, AA is rolling out (or has rolled out, I forget) an update that limits the number of profile comments within a set period of time. This should deter these bots from doing such things in the future hopefully.

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    I smote that unholy being. You may sleep soundly now little one.