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    Is there a limit to the number of wallpapers that can be uploaded in one go or per hour? Also is there a a daily limit?

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    I've read the rules before posting here. This is the only rule regarding number of uploads: It only pertains to image sets...

    I want to know if there is a limit to the number of uploads that can be posted (not from a single image set). Or could I hypothetically post a thousand images at once...

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    VincentTL said:

    404011xz said:


    Have you tried reading what you're linking before you try to be smart?

    I linked the rules because I assumed he was going to be posting very similar images (like anime or people photoshoots) and those would go against the 5 image per set rule. No need to be pissy about it.

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    kejsirajbek said:

    50 uploads per 24 hours

    And that counts failed uploads, right? If a dup/lq image is detected, it still counts towards the 50.