Wallbase & Yotoon mystery FINALLY solved!

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    Man it's good to know he's alive at least..

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    Oh man, it is so good to finally hear from him again and finally put that mystery to rest. Best of luck with everything and welcome back to the land of cat pics and porn, Yotoon.

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    Just wow. A perfect storm huh?

    Edit: Wait Yotoon owns Wallhalla? That's just amazing. A month ago we're talking about how "someone" bought the wallbase domain so it now redirects to Wallhalla. AgEnTx19 had good intuition. I even admired Wallhalla's design, UI and filtering and suggested wallhaven could learn something from it. Did Yotoon want his own site where he could run ads? Or what's the reasoning for not simply joining the Wallhaven dev team?

    Edit 2: That 3D effect on Wallhalla when you click a thumbnail is incredible. This Yotoon guy is a magician or what? Design like this is what the internet's missing. I want my whole OS looking this fine.

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    holy cow, all this time and he is back, welcome back Yotoon!

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    Thank you, I'm glad he's alive. Wish you all the best Yotoon.

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    Yeros weepingangel damn this is a 2 year old post you clowns and for those reading this sentence don't bother coming here.

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    Could we get our favourites at least? :(