i'm a chinese.i just want to know why don't you like Chinese style

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    why do you think we don't like chinese style? upload it yourself then. maybe it's your mission here on wallhaven

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    我们喜欢。 上载更多。 ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)

    1920 x 120021
    1920 x 1200155
    2560 x 160077

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    The 2. one is really nice in my oppinion.

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    The 2. one's got 48 favorites, people like this 'style', or at least, have no reason to dislike it. I suggest you use the Chinese tag and only view General themed images. There is only 4 pages, but yeah, I guess it's just not that popular. Or there's just not enough chinese Wallhaven users.

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    @swift502 said:

    Or there's just not enough chinese Wallhaven users.

    Yeah, about that...

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    Funny stats, AksumkA. How come there are so many missing (the stats aren't even close to adding up) ?

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    Gandalf, only cropped in the top 5 countries. We have hits in the last month from just about ever country in the world minus a handful in central Africa and shockingly North Korea.

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    AksumkA Can the stats be viewed publicly?

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    @swift502, nothing public sorry.

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    Ak, thanks for sharing - wouldn't have guessed.

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    AksumkA said:

    @swift502, nothing public sorry.


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    I live in 北京.