Share some of the best wallpapers you have come across!

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    I mean the really rare types. The ones which make you feel....ohhh maaannn this is so damn good!!

    1920 x 108090
    2560 x 1600143

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    Basically everything in my primary fav collection (cool) is something I think is excellent. Even with a thousand wallpapers in that collection I would claim to be quite picky. If I was forced to be even more stingy I might be able to cut it in half, but beyond that I don't think I could boil it down any further.

    However in the interest of the topic I will chose two particular wallpapers: The ones I've actually been using on my desktop for well over a year now.

    2048 x 1367172
    2880 x 1822158
    I don't think these are any more mind blowing than the others, although they are definitely at a very high level. The main reason I use them is that they are very calm. They make me feel comfortable. They are not flashy so they don't draw my attention away from what I'm doing, but they are still kind of interesting and I can actually look at them for a little while. It's basically a very nice view out of a window.

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    Used this one for years. I love the sense of scale and the color palette.

    1920 x 1080252

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    Gandalf Awesome! it's good thinking behind your wallpaper !

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    @swift502 A good view indeed! What is your screen size? I think this would look good for a medium to large screen.

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    pretty sure everyone knows this one :)

    3840 x 2160253

    Also love these [odg8dm]

    1920 x 120072
    2048 x 136552

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    @swift502 said:

    Used this one for years. I love the sense of scale and the color palette.

    1920 x 1080252

    Hey, I might just know where this photo was taken, google "Schafberg", its a mountain in Austria, and as far as I can remember it, the train track going up there looks exactly like this one :),

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    br3athless I googled it but it didn't seem like the place, just because of the tree density and height of surrounding mountains. It looks like a pretty cool place though. :) Eventually I found the actual place in Llanberis, Wales, UK, I tried to line it up on Google maps as best as I could.

    @mashenod my official screen size would be "tiny", compared to any today's standard. I have the "privilege" of having supersampling on most wallpapers in order for them to fit my 1366x768 screen resolution. :D Though I also currently use this at work at one of two decently sized Full HD screen. What difference do you think screen size makes relating to wallpapers? I think a good wall should look good on any screen size.

    Nathrezim Never thought of it either. Looks like a very nice selection indeed.

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    @swift502 Yeah, a good wall does look good at any screen size! I just think a bigger screen brings out some details in the wall which you maybe don't see in a comparatively smaller one. Either way, this is just a personal opinion and besides, the wallpaper itself matters , not the screen size :D

    Nathrezim Cool walls!

    Cheers! Thanks for sharing!

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    Christmas is in a few weeks, so I will post my perfect christmas wallpaper :) I think so, because it is simple and elegant, without any cheap christmas themes, just with style:

    2560 x 144058

    Also those two are winter wallpapers that I love. They make me feel cozy:

    3840 x 2400945
    1920 x 120023

    And the last one, I stumbled upon it today. This one is more like for summer. I love colours, it seems like night but combined with sunny day:

    3840 x 2160390

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    Basically all pics in my section of favorite, but i really enjoyed the first time i saw these wallpapers =D

    2560 x 160074
    1366 x 76813

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    I tend to change a lot, but this has been my mainstay more often than anything else for the past months. It's just perfect.

    2580 x 171538

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    1920 x 108676

    damn good...

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    2350 x 20503

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    3197 x 2355217