Comments and forum posts on use Markdown as a simple way to add text formatting.


The following codes are available for use in forum posts, PMs, user comments, and user descriptions:

  • Links: [link text]( becomes link text
  • Bold: **bold text** becomes bold text
  • Italic: *italic text* becomes italic text
  • Quote: >quote text becomes
    quote text
  • Images: ![](https://link-to-image) becomes
  • YouTube: {yt:} becomes
    A YouTube video. Neat!

wallhaven Specific

The following codes are available in comments and forum posts:

  • Insert wallpaper thumbnail:[aaa123] (replace aaa123 with the wallpaper ID)
  • Link user:@username becomes username
  • Link tag:
    • single word (no space): #tagname becomes tagname
    • multiple words (with spaces): #{Tag Name} becomes Tag Name
    • tag id: #[123] (replace 123 with the tag ID) becomes Some Tag