Wallhaven Changelog

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    Alpha - 5 (2015-05-24)

    • Forums!
    • Improved search accuracy
    • Staff tools improvements
    • Bugfixes.

    Alpha - 4.2 (2015-02-01)

    • New search engine!
    • Overhauled uploads form!
    • User messages now auto mark as read on reply
    • User messages now always show sent items, even if receiving user deleted the message
    • Deleted wallpaper notifications now more useful
    • Added banned sources page
    • Added pending uploads icon to upload button. Don't forget your uploads!
    • New and improved infinite scroll
    • Fixed infinite scroll not working in public favorites
    • Sidebars now remember their collapse state
    • New tag and username autocompletes
    • Improved collections list view
    • Thumbs now show an 'add to collections' or 'remove from collections' button
    • Favorites now have a 'show hidden thumbs' link
    • Fixed stuck subscriptions caused by deleted wallpapers


    • Reorganized wallpaper showcase to be easier to use
    • Fixed dupe tag name appearing in wallpaper showcase titles
    • Fixed usernames not showing in subscriptions for collections
    • Wallpapers now lock purity when featured to prevent abuse

    Alpha - 4.1 (2014-10-14)

    • Tags listing now supports partial searches. Lowered tags per page from 100 to 50
    • User Messages: Users can now reply to messages
    • Account Recovery: Accounts with forgotten passwords can be recovered
    • Cache: Most interaction should be faster. Notifications (subscriptions, user messages) are updated every 5 minutes
    • Upload rules: Users must agree to uploading rules before uploading
    • Purity selectors and counts always show in user's uploads and collections. Also updated to use current settings
    • Updated the under development page
    • Tons of backend changes, fixes, and improvements
    • Bugfixes!
    • New bugs!

    Alpha - 4 (2014-09-06)

    • Multi Upload! Choose up to 20 wallpapers to upload at once
    • Updated wallpaper view: Less wasted space, easier to add wallpapers to collections
    • Redesigned home page! Better looking featured thumbnails and quicker login/registration
    • User Messages! Users have a way to send private messages to each other and get notices when a wallpaper is deleted
    • New Comment BBCode: Add links to user's, tags, and insert thumbnails into comments. Basic BBCode works in user profile descriptions as well
    • Comment edit grace period: Comments now editable for 5 minutes after posting
    • Tag list now searchable and sortable by popularity/wallpapers tagged/subscribers. Find tags created by a user (by:username)
    • Wallpaper grouping: Walls that are similar, but have different sizes (16:9 and 16:10) can be associated with each other (tags will copy to all in the group). This does not affect favorites
    • Wallpaper merging: Staff can now merge two wallpapers. This will move tags and favorites from one (an exact dupe) to the other
    • Scrollbars are gone! Ugly browser scrollbars are gone from a few things that were still using them
    • Privacy: Users can now hide their last active time from their profile
    • More browsing settings: Restrict listings to wallpapers that fit whatever size or aspect ratios you want
    • Who subscribed/added to collection: Users can see who subscribed to them, wallpapers now show who added it to a collection (if public)
    • Users can be deleted (ask a developer or AK)
    • Collections have previews in profiles.
    • OpenSearch support: Add wallhaven.cc directly to your browser's search bar
    • NSFW thumbs hidden when NSFW not selected in user settings
    • Search improved to allow partial searches
    • Better error pages here and there
    • Various layout tweaks
    • Bugfixes!

    Alpha - 3.1 (2014-06-12)

    • Tag reporting: Report bad tags for staff
    • Thumbs lazy loading: Save a bit of bandwidth
    • Subscriptions home page shows all new subscription wallpapers
    • More stats on tags (total view count)
    • Page titles and total result count on searches
    • Footer menu updated: More links than ever!
    • Various style improvements
    • Preventing bad image formats from being uploaded (no gif/bmp)
    • Improvements to staff tools
    • Various style improvements
    • Bugfixes!

    Alpha - 3 (2014-05-28)

    • Collections can now be renamed
    • Deleting a collection will move all wallpapers in it to the trash
    • Wallpapers can be reported
    • Wallpaper sources can be added/edited
    • Tags can be aliases/merged/edited (by staff)
    • Tags list (will be sortable/searchable soon)
    • Search sort by favorites now works
    • Default profile BG and avatars set
    • Profile BG can be positioned (top, center (default), bottom)
    • Link added to profiles to current background wallpaper
    • Recent favorites in profiles now hides favs added to private collections
    • Collections list subscriber count
    • Tag and flag (purity) history for wallpapers (we'll know when you abuse the system)
    • Comment BBcode (bold, italic, underline, links)
    • Profile comments can be deleted by users
    • Added a few more stats to user profiles
    • Updates to staff pages
    • Added basic tag/keyword blacklisting
    • Hid the scrollbar on the wallpaper sidebar
    • Improved the subscriptions page layouts and added a count notice to the user header
    • Auto hide messages after a 5sec delay (also by clicking on them)
    • Overlays for wallpaper reporting and collection renaming
    • More resolution/ratio options
    • Selecting multiple ratio's now works
    • A ton of design improvements
    • A ton of random bug fixes

    Alpha - 2.5 (2014-04-06)

    • Improved homepage! Let us know what you think.
    • Tag Autocomplete!
    • Tag Categories on new tags!
    • No more "status: true" messages! (ok, maybe one or two stragglers)
    • Sort by views!
    • Untagged list: http://alpha.wallhaven.cc/wallpaper/untagged Untagged list will contain wallpapers that were tagged a long time ago until another tag is added.
    • Option to open walls in a new window (http://alpha.wallhaven.cc/settings/browsing)
    • Click to zoom on wallpapers!
    • Links to user/collection/tag that you've subscribed to!
    • Updated staff panel very few of you will ever see!
    • And a few other changes here and there.

    Alpha - 2 (2014-03-23)

    • Default collections: Users all have a "Default" collection. Think of it as a root if you'd like.
    • Collection privacy: You can now toggle private/public
    • Collection remove: delete an entire collection (faved walls will be in the trash)
    • Trash! Removed favs will end up here.
    • Subscriptions: Subscribe to a user's uploads/user's collection/tags!
    • Profile comment notifications
    • Tag list on wall thumbs
    • Fav count (and notification of fav existence) on thumb walls
    • Basic dupe and min wall size checks!
    • Staff tools: We can ban your ass now!
    • Redone avatar system: Upload them again... :/
    • Stat tracking: We track a ton of stats on the backend.
    • Tag categories: Backend is mostly set for this, just need to doll up the front (everything dumps to Misc for now)
    • Various layout tweaks and improvements
    • Bug fixes!

    Alpha - launch (2014-02-01)

    • just… everything.
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    TIny updates pushed over the last few days:

    • Small update to the rules
    • Added latest announcements to home page for guests (forums need more traffic!)
    • Small tweaks to forums, mainly just small optimizations
  • 4324

    Super small update pushed.

    • Fixed issue with subscription notices over 1k not displaying correctly
    • Fixed PMs being marked as read after opening a reply and closing without sending
    • Added option to cancel all current uploads
    • Fixed usernames as just numbers not showing that user's profile correctly
  • 4534

    Small update:

    Make sure you clear your browser cache (Ctrl + F5)

    • Added new post indication to posts in the forums
    • Fixed issue when some tags would show up duplicated (not all, but some)
    • Various tweaks and bugfixes
  • 4820

    New update brings fixes!

    • Fixed wallpapers not being indexed properly when purity is changed
    • Fixed bug with last read post in forums being reset if you went backwards in a thread
    • Fixed not being redirected to post when post is on a new page (maybe)
    • Wallpapers and user profiles can no longer have views incremented every page load
    • Update to rules - All users will have to agree to them again before uploading
  • 5037


    • Added sub boards to the Bugs/Feature request board
    • Improved performance when scrolling in listings. Content now will be unloaded
    • Added "seen" feature to thumbnails (experimental, feedback here)
    • Mark as read button will only show when you have unread messages (thanks @Niksko)
    • Bugfixes and tweaks!
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  • 5254

    A few nice bits in this one!

    • Added BBCode buttons to the forums for easy use!
    • Added seen setting to browsing settings. You can also clear your "seen" history
    • Short URLs enabled! Use whvn.cc/### to redirect to a wallpaper! whvn.cc/123
    • Minor fix for Safari users
    • Tweaks and modifications
  • 5797

    Update time!

    With this update we're happy to officially welcome a few new devs to the team! @s1dd and slash3b

    • Added Notifications. Users will get notifications for:

    • Wallpapers removed / merged / featured / report cleared

    • Bans

    • Username mentions in forums

    • New profile comments

    • Drag and drop Favorites management! Walls can now be moved between collections by clicking and dragging them (thanks @s1dd) Expect updates to this, we know it can be a bit wonky to use

    • Updated PMs to be a bit nicer to use

    • Handful of updates to the forums

    • Bugfixes

    • Style tweaks and updates

    • New bugs

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  • 5823

    Sorry-For-The-Trouble Update:

    • Added search to forums (almost made it yesterday)
    • Fixed issue with PMs being weird
    • Important backend fixes
  • 7049

    Updates have been slow these past few months. Sorry for that! Hopefully this one will tide you guys over for a bit longer.

    There's a ton of stuff that we're working on that hasn't made it out of development yet. Hopefully it won't be too much longer before we're ready to show some of these awesome things off!

    • Added user blacklist to browsing settings (works the same way as the tag blacklist)
    • Added new layout to the sidebar when viewing wallpapers (let us know what you think!)
    • Added delete confirmation to collections
    • Added a few new resolutions and ratios to the search bar
    • Added stats page
    • Fixed some wallpapers not showing tags
    • Fixed not getting redirected to your reply in the forums
    • Fixed some tag pages that were throwing a "whoops" error page
    • Uploading a dupe will now show what the dupe ID is (will be improved at some point)
    • After uploading you will be redirected to your uploads. Make sure you've set purity/categories correctly!
    • Layout tweaks
    • Bugfixes
  • 7721

    Just a tiny baby update today

    • Added a captcha to registration (sorry, this sucks, we know. But bots are worse)
    • Improved PM filter buttons
    • Fixed issue with unsubing from the tags page
    • Fixed PMs not being deletable
    • Bugfixes
  • 7873

    Uploaders: We made a small change to how tags subscription notices get sent out when uploading wallpapers. There will now be a 30 minute delay from when you tag your uploading walls to when the subscriptions will show up for users. Before, the notices were getting sent out as you tagged them leaving a gap in time between uploads getting completed and some users checking their subscriptions.

    I know this isn't ideal (notices should get sent out when uploads are finalized) but for now, hopefully this will prevent some of your uploads getting cleared out of users subscriptions before they even show up!

  • 8056

    Welcome to the secured future! Wallhaven is now serving up some fresh SSL!

    Aside from that:

    • Huge layout overhaul!
    • New fullscreen view on wallpapers
    • Improved dupe reporting: We now require wallpaper IDs, enter as many as needed
    • Sticky sidebars: Fav management isn't painful anymore (click and drag to other collections)! -Bugfixes

    Let us know what you think of the changes!

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  • 8106

    Small bugfix update. Please clear your browser's cache (Ctrl+F5) if you're having troubles.

  • 10048

    Got a nice sized update this time boys and girls!

    • Uploads now require at least two tags each (thanks slash3b!)
    • Uploads can be abandoned
    • Uploaders can change the category or remove an upload within the first 24 hours
    • Layout tweaks to thumbnails. It's hip to be square
    • Inactive users will now have their subscriptions paused until they become active again
    • Fixed issue with subscription notices for freshly uploaded wallpapers not appearing soon enough
    • Added a Privacy Policy and Terms of Service
    • Hopefully fixed the issue with our password reset emails getting sent to your junk folders
    • Experimental change to the tag autocomplete. Let us know how it's working for you here
    • Tons of backend changes and improvements
    • Bugfixes
    • Other things that I've forgotten
    • New and exciting bugs!
  • 10323
    • Fixed incorrect subscriptions showing up
    • Updated BBCode to automatically create links to threads, tags, users
    • Bugfixes
  • 11742

    Just a small update today

    Mostly getting some stuff ready for a much more exciting update coming down soon.

    • Modernized frontend JS
    • Improved wallpaper reporting form
    • Bugfixes
  • 12332

    Got a decent update for you boys and girls today!

    • Added a crop & scale function to wallpapers (pick any size you like!)
    • Profile replies! You can now reply directly to posts on your profile
    • Tons of layout tweaks
    • Backend enhancements
    • Bugfixes

    Feedback here

  • 13464

    Ok slight issue with the update here today. Looks like I messed up some things and accidentally reset some cache so now all threads are unread again on the forums. Sorry everyone! I goofed.

    That aside we have some neat new things going on in this update:

    • New ban system. Bans can be set to expire now and a reason will be given to those unfortunate enough to receive one
    • Tweaked profile layout with more focus on uploads and favorites
    • New minimum resolution: 1280x800 (old uploads will not be deleted)
    • New bugs
    • Bug fixes

    Feedback here

  • 13768

    Sorry for the long downtime this time everyone! This was a big one!

    • Added IQDB backend
      • Search by image
      • Search for similar walls
    • Dropped HHVM for PHP7
    • Improved uploading backend
    • Bugfixes
  • 14060
    • Updated upload to check IQDB for dupes
    • New upload filesize limit is 20MB
  • 14833
    • Toplist!
    • Reworked the resolution picker in the search bar
    • Added "at least" resolution option to search bar UI
    • Bugfixes
  • 15569

    Byte sized update:

    • Maybe fixed broken subscription inbox for those with over 700 subscriptions
    • Fixed guests receiving a Whoops page sometimes
    • Added a few more "are you sure?" prompts
    • Legacy bans (bans over 6 months old) no longer liftable