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    Hello, people of wallhaven! I recently created this wallpaper: [kx5yqm], and it's my first time making something like this, so I'm looking for criticisms and ideas on how to improve it because it doesn't look quite right to me. Don't mind the huge watermark, it's supposed to be a background for a brand flyer I designed, and I'm not taking any chances this time.😂 I eventually Bumped up the saturation and brightness to get this: [1py6z9] and I took out several elements for the final design, but I still want a third opinion. And a fourth and fifth and sixth... etc. If you can, please look at each image by itself (Without comparing it to the other one) and tell me what needs improvement and what could be better. I'd appreciate it, Thanks guys!

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    I like the first one better. In the second there is not enough contrast between some elements and they blend into each other in several places.

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    Wow. It's already been deleted. Thanks for the feedback man! I see what you mean. But it's hard to increase the contrast without losing some of the colors in the form of saturation, and I quite like how the whole thing is bright and pops.😂 But I'll try to fix it and get back to you. However, I like the newer one so much that I've already created a range of designs with that one as the base or background!😅 Now I have to go back and fix them. 🤔Though, since it's intended to be a background, I think it still works even if the elements blend into each other, right? If the elements stand out too much, they'll compete with the main text and info don't you think?

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    I was actually going to tell an admin to delete the pics as soon as I got the help I wanted. but I didn't expect them to be deleted so soon, hardly anyone has seen them. And I didn't know I was breaking any rules.

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    lumberjacck Hey man. How's this? [wegq6x] I think it's the perfect midpoint between the other two. (Once you've given your verdict, please delete it like the other two)

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    I think it's better, yes. The color tones blend nicely, nothing seems lost or too faded.