[Feature Request] Subscription Management - Multi-unsub

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    Request: On your subscriptions page, add the ability to select multiple subs and unsubscribe from them in one click.

    I'm trying to be less of a horny teenager since I haven't been a teenager for some time now. I've already disabled the NSFW purity filter and am quite enjoying just looking at normal walls again without looking for smut. I do still have multiple collections (and personal uploads) of offending material that I will likely remove at some point. My only issue is that I'm still subbed to an assload of adult tags and unsubscribing sends a ton of traffic due to how it currently works.

    Open subscriptions, click one, unsubscribe, return to subscriptions, repeat. All from the same window, in sequential order, without going too fast. This assures that 1, the site/your account register the changes, and 2, you don't move to quickly and trigger a "too many actions" error which can make the site forget several minutes of actions (in my experience, I could be wrong). I tried opening multiple subs in a new tab apiece, that didn't work.

    I tried just unsubscribing one after the other and at an appropriate speed that won't cause an error requiring a page refresh, I'm looking at hours of work. I'm aware that this is my problem so I'm not pointing fingers, I'm just making a feature request that I think would be neat, just trying to be a better Wallcitizen.

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    Where and how would I run this? Is that python? Sorry for the late reply, I had a f-d up work schedule yesterday.

    EDIT: NVM, I noticed the python flag in the corner. I had to run it 3 times and manually delete a few but all in all this took what would certainly have been 3-4 hours into less than 30 minutes, so thanks a ton for this! I guess the script even had trouble with the too many actions thing, because while each run would remove a huge chunk it would eventually stop, hence the need for multiple runs.

    However, it's done! My subscription list is clean again. Instead of hundreds of "models" it's currently like 15 artists and a few tags like "Lord of The Rings" and stuff. Again, super grateful for the help!

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