What is the future of AI art?

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    In 1885, the argument could be made that the invention of the camera is taking jobs away from painters. Cameras are able to capture a scene or image much more quickly and accurately than a painter ever could, and at a fraction of the cost. This means that people who would have hired a painter in the past to capture a special moment or scene are now turning to photographers to do the job instead. Additionally, the widespread availability of cameras means that anyone can take a picture, further diminishing the need for professional painters. As a result, it can be argued that the camera is having a negative impact on the livelihoods of painters, as it is making it increasingly difficult for them to find work. Instead it created a whole new kind of art.

    In the late 1990s and early 2000s, the introduction of digital movie cameras caused a debate among Hollywood directors and other industry professionals. While some directors and industry professionals saw digital cameras as a cheaper and more versatile alternative to traditional film cameras, others argued that they lacked the aesthetic qualities of film and would lead to a decline in the art of filmmaking. Instead it lead to an explosion in film and video creation.

    Today any illustrator can get inspired by, imitate or downright copy another artist, much like what AI is doing. Whatever happens with the lawsuit in the US, it will be hard to put the cat back in the box, so to speak. For better or for worse, AI technology is here to stay. The first years of revolutionary tech is "lawless" until legislation catches up. It will certainly be interesting to see what happens with regards to legislation etc.

    What is your opinion?

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    Im honestly more annoyed to see so many threads of people complaining then im bothered by some subpar image generations being uploaded alongside the really good stuff, especially when you consider that:

    • Everybody has to start somewhere (yeah ofc there will be people uploading basic stuff they made in a few minutes, they're proud/happy to have gotten their first few decent results, let them, as long as they tag it properly its not hurting anybody, they will learn soon enough that putting in some more effort gets them further in life)
    • Good image generation takes just as much time and effort as a good photograph or drawing (read: there's nothing wrong with image generation & people need to stop with the whole "this sucks because it took 2 minutes to make" when that's not the case for most generated images at all, it takes a day to write a properly good prompt & find the right model to generate it)
    • "Content aware" stuff in Photoshop didn't change the digital artist industry at all either (all the "artists" that were hot and bothered about that a few years ago still have their jobs, probably still cant make good stuff themselves & probably still blame everyone else.. 🤷‍♂️)
    • People can just block tags and creators they dont like (yeah okay maybe Wallhaven needs to be stricter on tags, that doesnt mean image generation is the root of all evil or whatever)

    Image generation (im not a fan of calling it "AI art" because its not AI) is here to stay, people need to stop being so weird about it and accept that it wont cost any (half decent) artist their job, its a tool for artists, not a replacement

    The "annoyance" of low quality generated images is just temporary, new & better models release every day & people will learn soon enough when their generated images are 'too simple' to warrant uploading.

    We dont need some extra button or section for "AI art", we already have the tag blacklists and said button would have the exact same issue as people not tagging properly today, so just get people to tag properly instead.


    You make some pretty nice generated images btw, keep it up & ignore the weird haters.


    wallhaven: Is there a way for people to share generation data (and/or do you extract that from pngs) yet? if not please do something to facilitate that, by far most people are fine with "AI art" (boo bad term) and would like to try create some for themselves, would be a much better use of your developers time then implementing some button that could be neglected by uploaders just as easily as a tag.

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    If we don't let it go out of control, we might get something really good out of it.

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    I think it has two sides of the coin. On the one hand, the images created by AI are interesting and extraordinary, they have their own highlight. On the other hand, it significantly reduces the importance of the photographer, his ability to see the frame as special, to complement it, to reveal ordinary things through the lens of the camera.