Can't update/upload profile photo(avatar)

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    The first time I changed my profile picture from the default one it worked, but when I wanted to update it with a new one I got an error message saying "The avatar must be an image.". I tried multiple images all of which are supported formats (.jpg) and still get the same error message on each and every one of them, any ideas as to what's happening?

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    This has been happening to me for a while now too, all supported file types. Been through so many images trying to change it but it kicks back an error every time, must be an image (it is)

    Basically, tried almost every image I have downloaded, below 200kb that is, .jpg and .png. Same error. Below 200x200 pixel same thing it's like I can't change it to anything at all

    I'd like to change this avatar now after so many years lol >.>

    999th thought, I may just keep this avatar anyways. Not like I can change it XD

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