An anime game for better eng dubing has a persona

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    One of the rare cases where the dub is just as good as the OG. It still fall short in some places but cases the Ryuuji and Kamoshida are were the english dub surpasses the Jap Dub. Persona 5 English dub is SOOOOO superior. I tried Japanese and was just... I couldn't. Not after the English voices. I've seen the game to completion in both the English and Japanese, and while I in 99% of cases enjoying believe that Japanese dub is superior in every way, I will say the English dub voice actors were a good choice for this game. I like both the English and Japanese for this game. In Kamoshida's case, the English sounds more intimidating, menacing and domineering, fitting that overinflated and powerful ego that goes with someone who has a palace. But the Japanese one for me is more creepy, perverted, and lecherous, which fits the entire distorted desire and sin of lust that created the palace in the first place

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    Different language dubs can bring unique interpretations and nuances to the characters. It seems like the English dub of Kamoshida's character emphasized his intimidating and domineering presence, while the Japanese dub portrayed him as more creepy and perverted, which aligns with the themes of the character's distorted desires.