What are you listening to?

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    Generally I listen to symphonic/power metal and uplifting trance ... yea, I know, weird taste.

    Currently I'm hooked on this one (takes "symphonic" a bit too seriously, lol):


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    Mainly listening to Hardcore like Speedfreak, but also to Electro like Gigi d`Agostino or some really old stuff like Beat Dominator. Some times also some nice Heavy Metal like Macbeth.

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    That was my favourite song quite long time, when it came out.. Still so damnn good :P

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    I've been listening to The Suburbs by Arcade Fire. I got it some time ago but never had a chance to listen to.

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    I actually just purchased my new Desk&&Stereo System(; I love all Music, with very FEW exceptions. No Specific Genre. But @ this very Moment, It's gotta be "To The Stars" by Feed Me

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    I kinda fell for this: [youtube]fWev8-zEUNM[/youtube]

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    Band: sleeping with sirens Song: Fuck you

    Artist: Flume Song: Possum

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    bit of a random assortment at the moment, played some French accordion music and i liked it, paul arruda's copacabana and progressive house mixes, smooth jazz + rainymood, bit of hip hop in the form of pete rock, Del the funky homosapien, Grap Luva, damu the fudgemunk, ohh and some classic tunes like: modjo - Lady (hear me tonight) Masters at work present india - to be in love (MAW 99 remix) and heaps more like that.

    i have weird tastes for an australian...

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    It's a few years old, but still damn good.


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    Know that song from osu! but where or how is that song related with Higurashi? xD I wonder what the uploader thought..

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    I really like those hour long chillstep videos on YouTube. I used to play them when studying when I was in school. Now in University, studying needs alot more concentration and I cant focus while music is playing in my ears. Also big fan of Linkin Park and Evanescence

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    Maybe just referring to the picture? I'm not sure, because i don't know Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, just liked the song a lot :)

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    Still good [youtube]IEPrO1Awp9w[/youtube]

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