Influx of AI Art

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    Opinion on the recent influx of AI Art to the website? Plenty of uploaders are not tagging them correctly and the quality of many of the artworks is subpar imo.

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    I thought about it for a while but didn't have the guts to make a forum post about it. In my opinion; its kind of annoying, I make sure to tag any untagged wallpapers with "AI art" as its an easy tag to blacklist. I'm not a fan, sure they can look nice but to me they don't have much artistic appeal hence why I decided to hide them.

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    I've recently uploaded a bunch of images I generated using stable diffusion but I share the concern. We will probably get a lot more AI images coming once people get more used to the technology.

    I have a question regarding tagging those images. Currently we have tags: AI, AI-generated and AI art. I've tagged my uploads with all of them but they seem redundant. Moreover, what should we do about uploads that use AI images as a base for the artwork? O course it isn't always evident whether the artist used a generated image but in cases when it is, should there be a tag like AI assisted art or something similar? What about tagging midjourney vs various models of stable diffusion? Most people probably won't care about it but some may. Those things might be hard to discern though, unless the person who generated it states it themselves.

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    Any time something new comes out, whether it be a show, anime, or video game, Wallhaven will see a large influx of wallpapers related to that content. And every time that happens, there will also be an influx of new tags as multiple people all vie for the "honor" of creating the official tag for a new product. Eventually, as the content stabilizes and slows down, the most popularly-used tags for that subject will rise to the top, and the less popular ones will fall by the wayside and eventually get deleted by the admins. And every time this happens, users will take to the forums posting concerns the new content is "spamming" the site or "there ought to be a rule against this." I remember when Cyberpunk 2077 first came out and 400 metric truckloads of screenshots showed up here overnight. Oh, the salt. So much salt. There were threads of people demanding the admins put a limit on how many CP2077 pics could be uploaded per week, to demands for outright bans on it entirely. And then...the novelty wore off the and amount of CP2077 papes slowed down to a trickle, the tags for the game and characters were standardized, and everyone moved on.

    This too, shall pass. AI-Generated art is popular and trendy. Eventually, that will wear off. This site is an ecosystem and it's already seeking equilibrium.

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    Indeed, the redundant tags will eventually be merged. Also, it's ok to tag wallpapers with "Midjourney" or "Stable Diffusion", alongside the more general AI art tags.