Do you like to play?

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    Many people like games, but not everyone. I know a couple of people who hate them. So it would be interesting to know exactly what you think. For example I do not particularly like the usual computer games, but I like the live online casino, I get pleasure from it. I look forward to your answers.

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    Sure. I like to play video games and tabletop games, even some card games.

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    Yes I love to play, but I can safely say that the only game that wasted my precious time was Dota and then Dota2. Now I already play slots and I can say that they not only don't waste my time but also bring me money. I find the coolest slots at Bitdreams, you can read the full review here. So if you too do not have time to play games for a long time and you do not mind sometimes earn, read the review and join.

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    recently I play a lot of nba2k23, I will play Overwatch 2 when it will come out.

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    Yes, sometimes I like to play something, but I'm far from a professional gamer. Lately, though, I've been spending quite a lot of time at the computer, especially when Overwatch 2 came out. I fell in love with the game so much that I even spent money on overwatch 2 boosting, even though I would never normally do that. Wait for it guys, cybersportsman growing up :)

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    yep csgo or apex legends. Sometimes I also have idea to play lucky games like One of the most important features of online casinos, which makes many people who like to turn to online gambling in the casino, is it allows players to play from anywhere they want, as long as they can be connected to the internet, and anytime they want Regardless of day or night, as long as you have the time and thinking of betting on your favorite game, just enter the online casino and play it.

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    I like playing Sid Meier's civilizationVI.Although one game a day passed, but still can not stop my love

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    Came back to hearthstone this week after leaving it on 2017. Loved the new Classic mode so I don't need to get new cards every year to play ranked.

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    stalin195336 said:

    I like playing Sid Meier's civilizationVI.Although one game a day passed, but still can not stop my love

    How lucky you are!

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    As an avid gamer, I can confidently say that I've had my fair share of enticing game options. However, there's always been one game that has managed to use up an unreasonable amount of my precious time- Dota. And just when I thought I'd learned my lesson, Dota 2 came along and stole my attention yet again. It's safe to say that these games are a time vortex that I can't seem to resist! There are also free online games that I've been spending my evenings on lately, after work. These games are from here.

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    《Genshin Impact》 is my favourit games,and it is free!

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    Doom Eternal, Wavetale, Blacktail, Elden Ring, all of yakuza, just 1 Final Fantasy (FFXII) all of Grandia, All of Animal Crossing, No Straight Roads (I highly recommend this), Midnight Suns, Detroit Become Human... I am currently exploring table top games though, it seems more social than what I usually play. Don't know where to start.

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    I have no life when it comes to games even board games

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    online casino and poker with a live dealer is one of the best entertainment right now for me

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    if someone wants to play with a big company online, then write to me

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    I prefer Epic Games - Fortnite