Too many requests when uploading.

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    Hi, there is total daily limit when uploading and its ok but could You please remove connection limit for uploading or make smart uploader that sends one file at the time? When i select 20 files and try to send all at once, all the time i have "to many requests" error for some files and have to hand pick them again. Its so damn annoying.

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    Not sure what the server settings are, but this post made me think of this rule from the "Uploading" section:

    Remember: wallhaven exists for sharing wallpapers. We are not some random image gallery! Before uploading, ask yourself: "Is this a wallpaper? Would anyone be able to use this as a wallpaper?" If the answer is no, don't upload it!

    Not picking on any specific wallpaper, just wondering about the practice of sending 20+ wallpapers at a time.

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    Just have collections that i like to share. If there is possibility of uploading 20 files at once, it should work properly.