About people deleting tags

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    Have any of you guys had suddendly get the tags of your uploads getting deleted by someone else? It has happened to me more than once and it's kinda annoying.

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    Happend to me a hundred times. It would be so much better when the uploads and their Tags would be "locked", so no one can remove them or add wrong or stupid tags to them. But this wil never happen, just because it's way too much work.

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    Totally agree, the only way to lock the tags is that your wallpaper gets featured on the front page. :(

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    We need a "Tag-Worker" who starts at Page 000001, checks every tag and then locks every Wallpaper, one after another. And then we need soon a new one, because the first has become totally nuts. :-)

    I Would do it, by the way...hahahahahah...

    no seriously, i would REALLY do it.

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    yeah..... i was looking for some pic on one tag and one day there was 200k pics now its only 30k >_> why the hell people do that :/

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    Yes, it is really depressing when you tag 100 Walls and in the next week your work is destroyed by some ***. I repeat it for the 100th time, the tags must be locked. And when it takes 10 Years to do it. It would increase the quality of the Site immensly. But i will not mention this again or ask for it in the future.

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    Are we talking about wholesale/malicious tag deletion or just name tags? I've noticed the names of the models for my uploads occasionally disappear on uploads no more than a month old occasionally. I just assumed that whoever was doing it was disagreeing with my initial ID. Unfortunately, it's a bit hard to respond or counter with a link when you just don't know who's tampering with your tags.

    Perhaps we should make tag logs visible to a wallpaper's uploader to increase accountability?