Let's talk TV shows!

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    Rules are simple: This is a space to share your love for TV shows, any kind. Put in your favourite(s), and/or any that you are currently watching, and tell us why you like it.

    I am currently watching Sense8, which is pretty darn good, and slowly getting depressed that I'm getting closer to the end of season one. Just gonna say one thing: Riley Blue <3

    Some of my favourites are: Game of Thrones, Vikings, Orange is the New Black, Sons of Anarchy and Dexter (despite the fuck up they did at the last season).

    Post away, let's keep this thread ROLLINNNNNNNNNNNNN

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    Well, Under the Dome has gone down the shitter this season. It was kinda interesting in Season 2 when they tried to do the outside portal to the Dome and the escape and what not. But they completely dropped the ball this season. It looks, sounds and acts like a kids' production. I would be very surprised if it was renewed for Season 4.

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    Currently watching Mr. Robot one of my favourite tv shows. Also watching Under the Dome but not liking this season hope Season 4 will be better if renewed.

    Looking forward to the Heroes Reborn hoping it won't fail.

    Also like Workaholics and Archer.

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    Yeah, under the dome is pretty meh this season, i think they hinted that there won't be a season 4. Also binge watched mr robot 2 days ago and it's pretty good so far. Also waiting for the new seasons of Silicon Valley and Better call saul but they're so far away. ughhh.

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    Lots of people have told me to watch Under the Dome. Maybe I'll do it when I have time.

    Also, I forgot to mention Person of Interest, which I am trying to get to the end but the lack of time is making it pretty difficult. Pretty good show though

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    I called it! I called the twist in Mr. Robot after just 4 episodes, and the latest episode confirmed it!

    But I am still on the fence about the show. Some episodes are really good, and others are borderline meh.

    Now that they have revealed the twist, they need to explain how the events of before came to pass within the light of the twist.

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    Also, anyone here seen the pilot for Lucifer? I thought it was awesome. Highly recommended.

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    Currently marathoning the entire series of '24', except Live Another Day. Best espionage show ever! Jack Bauer is the bomb!

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    Oh joy, I get to be the first guy to go "Well this season of anime-etc. etc..."

    Well of note Im currently watching Koutetsujou no Kabaneri and Bungou Stray Dogs both of which Im enjoying. As for live action, Supernatural which just finished its last season in a way that really annoys me.

    A few favs would be Stargate (especially SGU), Dexter, Firefly, Doctor Who, Friends.

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    Anyone else excited for a new season of Mr. Robot and Suits?

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    Brixed said:


    Suuuuuiiiittts! I love that show! Gotten a bit weird recently, but man were the first few seasons dynamite.

    How do you feel about the 'end of season'? From last season? (Trying not to spoil, in case someone cares...)

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    OscarWilde said:

    How do you feel about the 'end of season'? From last season? (Trying not to spoil, in case someone cares...)

    I thought it was brilliant! I'm so glad they went in that direction instead of the other direction. Ah, could really use some spoiler tags here! :P

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    Brixed said:

    I thought it was brilliant! I'm so glad they went in that direction instead of the other direction. Ah, could really use some spoiler tags here! :P

    Agreed! And I got what you meant :P at the very least its nice that the show won't have that hanging over their heads anymore... it'd be like Batman always fighting the same villain. You need some variety, you know?

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    "New" TV-Shows to look out for in the coming months:

    First Season: Westworld (October 2nd) Timeless (October 3rd)

    Continuing: Lucifer (September 19th) Shameless (October 2nd) The Walking Dead (October 23rd) Sense8 (December)

    Personally, I'm really excited about Westworld! I'm also interested to see what happens in Sense8, even though season 1 is sort of vague to me now since it's been a while since I watched it. Lucifer is "just alright" in my opinion. I'll watch it if I'm bored. The Walking Dead is milking its last drops - It's an elevator type of show (i.e. it has its good moments and its terrible moments), but I'll give it a chance.

    Shameless is always crazy, so I'm excited to see where they go from here! I don't know much about Timeless (I just found it a few minutes ago), but I hope it'll be a good show. It reminds me of 11.22.63, which I personally loved :)

    Anyone else got any TV-Shows to recommend? Preferably something that hasn't had more than one season. Any upcoming shows you're looking forward to?

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    I've been watching the whole Marvel Netflix line of shows. Daredevil just ended its second season early this year. Jessica Jones has finished its first season as well. Can't wait for Luke Cage which is coming next month and will be followed by the Defenders series which will unite the three heroes as well as introduce Iron Fist who will have his own season next year I think. Black Mirror has 2 seasons and is set to get a third season soon. I'm also watching out for American Gods which will premiere next fall.

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    Alright, so Westworld, Lucifer, Shameless and Timeless are out!

    I just watched episode 2 of Westworld, and my god, it's damn interesting and well made! Highly recommend you to watch it, especially if you're into Sci-Fi (9.3 rating on IMDB as of now). The first episode for Shameless' new season was great fun, and the character development is getting stronger. Good! Lucifer - Well, after watching the first episode of season 2, it's sort of stuck. The show focuses more on the distractions (side stories) than the red herring (main story), so I'm considering dropping this show entirely. Timeless: No idea. I actually forgot about it, and only remembered it because I saw I wrote it in an earlier post. The reviews of it are 'meh', and its rating on IMDB is below 8, so I might just skip it as well.

    I very rarely watch any TV-Shows with an IMDB rating below 8, and movies with a rating below 7. I've found that they don't really give me any satisfaction. A good movie/TV-Show leaves you with questions and thoughts once you've finished them.

    I watched 2/3 of the first episode of Luke Cage. I'm going to watch at least one more episode before I make my mind up about it, it's just that it was so generic. MINOR SPOILER IF YOU HAVEN'T WATCHED EPISODE 1 OF LUKE CAGE: So, there's this guy. Great looking, great social skills, you know, the usual protagonist these days. Then you have the other guy who's like "Hey, you have super powers, you should use them to do good!", and the protagonist responds with "I didn't ask for this ..." and so on. Ok, those weren't the exact lines, but you get the idea. END OF MINOR SPOILER ...

    Why does every show/movie involving some sort of super hero start like that? It's bland and generic, and it doesn't offer anything new to the table.

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    it's been a while since i finished 'fringe' now im goin for Taboo or One tree hill

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    this will be a long one...i'll just give you all my list maybe you find something nice or at least i hope so :) im a tv show fanatic so i watch a lot of them...enjoy:

    Altered Carbon ( BAT SHIT CRAZY AWESOME) American Horror Story A Series of unfortunate events Archer Arrow Big Mouth Black Mirror Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Fullmetal Alchemist Game Of Thrones Gotham One Punch Man Rick and Morty Sherlock Stranger Things Supernatural The End of the F***ing World The Walking Dead WestWorld Breaking Bad Dexter Hannibal ( must be seen !! ) Lie to me Penny Dreadful True Blood (awsome !!)

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    oh i forgot some i've heard about that should be really nice but i didn't have the time so watch yet so idk:

    The Alienist Taboo Vikings Continuum DaVinci's Demons Daredevil Misfits Peaky Blinders Revolution Sons of Anarchy Spartacus

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    I like to watch different tv shows about traveling

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    Here are some of my recommendations for shows that have aired recently.

    Titans by DC Universe. The show is quite darker than most superhero shows (which is refreshing), and for that fact I would recommend it.

    A team of young superheroes led by Nightwing (formerly Batman's first Robin) form to combat evil and other perils.

    Marvel's Daredevil is back with season 3, and this show has also gotten darker.

    A blind lawyer by day, vigilante by night. Matt Murdock fights the crime of New York as Daredevil.

    Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan. Jim Halpert from The Office (John Krasinski) is Jack Ryan. What more could you possibly want?

    An up-and-coming CIA analyst, Jack Ryan, is thrust into a dangerous field assignment as he uncovers a pattern in terrorist communication that launches him into the center of a dangerous gambit.

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    Sacred games, Stranger things, Death Note, and Ghoul are the best series I've watched in the recent days. I also love watching free movies online. Avenger Infinity war is among them.

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    Almost finished Brave New World (after giving up on Cursed).

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    Line of Duty On the first season, wow, it's brilliant.