Sorting Options for Uploads

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    I think it would be great if we could sort our uploads by different criteria on our profile. I.E Sort by Black And White, or Date, Type, etc... I'd love to see this feature implemented in some way. Thoughts?

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    You can already sort your uploads by several criteria. If you click on "Search and filter" you have some search options available, including date. You can also search using tags if along a tag in Search you add your name. For example if you type "Jcurry monochrome" in Search it will list all your uploads tagged with "monochrome".

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    Thank you, this is handy when the uploads number becomes quite a big number, but to my knowledge this does not organize the displayed wallpapers on your profile. Is there a way to organize the display of uploads on your profile or is it always by date/upload order?

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    No, there is no way for that. They are always sorted by the date uploaded.

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    Ah, as I had feared. I would like a feature implemented where we can sort them by different criteria.