"General" is ridden with Anime and People

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    Even though Anime and People are turned off the whole page is loaded with wallpapers consisting of Anime and People. And the amount keeps increasing every time I come back.

    What I see:

    • Anime and People wallpapers even though they are turned off.

    What I want to see:

    • Wallpapers without anime and people.

    Possible issue:

    • Uploaders abuse the category tags to get more views

    Possible solution:

    • Content moderation: either users such as me can correct tags or Wallhaven staff need to actively monitor submissions.

    Here is an example:

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    This seems to be a misconception on your part. The people category is for real life people. The anime category is for anime styled or anime related walls. None of the walls you linked appear to be anime related or styled, nor are they real life people. If you look at just the people category the fact they it includes only real life people would have been very clear.

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    Wrong, turning on those filters simply show additional wallpapers with people and anime.

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    I'm really not sure what you're complaining about as the categories are working as intended. Anime: anime related or styled walls People: Real life people General: Everything else (this includes video game characters, CGI art, nature shots, digital people renders, etc.)

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    The word "people" suggests humans - regardless of whatever filter or art-style is applied. The word "anime" suggests a drawing of a character - regardless of the art-style.

    If you think it works as intended then we have different meanings of the words.

    I can turn this into a feature request instead. And suggest additional filters to grant more control to the user. On top of my head:

    • General (everything that doesn't fit in a category)
    • Characters (a collection of anime and other (drawn) characters)
    • People (real humans as it is implemented now)
    • Games (beautiful screenshots)
    • Nature
    • Abstract
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    Feature request denied. Use tags to filter things out.

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    Filtering out tags works great and satisfies my needs. You should make that more user friendly.