Can't remember an Anime Movie

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    All I can remember is that there are big Is Cronenberg/Akira type monsters and they are fought against with mechs. On scene I remember very clearly is one of the main characters turns into one of the monsters and he's covered in eyeballs.

    Please help! I've been trying to remember for years!!

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    I rarely watch the mech genre. Also a movie. Maybe it's "Promare"? Watched it a long time ago on 123 movies and I loved it. Kind of fits your description. The style of this film at first feels like a wild surrealist trip in the vein of Masaaki Yuasa's masterpieces. But then that feeling evens out and a non-trivial plot and "mehs" come to the fore. A race of mutant humans has appeared on Earth. Who are literally blazing with rage. Wrapping their destructive emotions in fire. In such a world the profession of firefighter comes to the fore. Otherwise who will extinguish what the uncontrollable "scorched ones" have decided to set on fire again? A team of firefighters which includes a completely reckless but courageous and strong kid named Galo. Of course they have cool "mechs." And with their help the fiery battle with the sources of fire turns into an exciting and driving adventure. Anyway if I'm wrong and you're looking for another anime. Look online in the mecha section reading the description.

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