Question on a NSFW tag.

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    Hello community! Today, I want to talk about the NSFW bottomless, and its use.

    I want to hear your thoughts on this. In my opinion, this tag implies the subject - in most cases, women - are not wearing any "bottom", i.e. pants, underwear, shorts, etc... Here's where it gets peculiar, say you have a wallpaper with a completely naked woman. By definition as she's naked, she's not wearing any clothes, bottoms inlcuded. Mobdro

    So, when you do a search with the bottomless tag, you will find all sorts of completely naked women wallpapers as well. While not completely incorrect, I believe the bottomless tag shouldn't appear on naked wallpapers. I think the whole point of this tag is also to imply the subject is clothed from waist up.


    To illustrate my point, here are 2 examples:

    "Correct" use of the tag:

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    Thank you! I completely agree!

    "Bottomless" is indeed different from "nude." Used correctly, it should indicate the the subject is unclothed from the waist (or thereabouts) down, and at least partially clothed from the waist up. A fully nude subject should not be tagged "bottomless." ("Nude" is the proper tag for nudity!)

    The same situation exists with "topless."

    Unfortunately, there is a lot of poor tagging, both past and present. There are many "nude" walls incorrectly and redundantly tagged "topless" and/or "bottomless." And there are many "topless" and/or "bottomless" walls incorrectly tagged "nude."

    Hopefully, posts like yours will bring the issue to more attention with some uploaders and taggers. Other than that, the only solution would seem to be to fix it when you see it.

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    I agree. I, for example, only use these tags in the way you explained.