Uploads Removed

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    According to the uploading rules:

    A maximum of 5 images per set (photo shoot) are allowed. A "set" is defined as a series of photos taken of the same subject in the same or very similar place. This rule is not set to one user's uploads. In other words, if parts of a set are already uploaded, any other content from that set will be removed.

    However 2 of my uploads were removed and neither violate this rule.

    One is just plain text done up all fancy like of a video game called Starbound. Currently there are only 3 total wallpapers like this across all user accounts, and with the removed upload that would make the total 4.

    The other is of a character from said game called Nuru. Currently there are only 2 other wallpapers total with Nuru, and the removed upload would bring the total up to 3.

    I am appealing the decision to have these removed and would like them reinstated. Thank you.

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    You are correct, these do not fall under the 5 per set rule.