Perhaps you could explain why you deleted an image?

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    Okay, I understand the first lot of images were not as good as they could have been.

    But today I received this: One of your uploads has been deleted: 72p889 Reason: Low quality (visible pixels on background) Contact a staff member immediately if you believe this is an error. 9 hours ago

    The image you referenced was a 3D car model rendered in 8k with an 8k HDRI. You state the 95MB HDRI was pixelated... I personally cannot see how this is possible, however, I will give you the benefit of the doubt.

    Later I will upload the same model, but not use an 8k HDRI, I'll render the image in 8k as normal but swap out the 8k HDRI for a 16k version weighing in at 350Mb. I know there will be a slight difference because it will make FOV more clear. I cannot see the pixels and no one else has mentioned this matter to me.

    Once I get a working version that is up to your standard, then I will know which HDRI's and the number of passes required.

    I look forward to your reply!

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    Look at the trees and lights above the railings to the left at the full resolution. I see why it was deleted as there are visible pixelation and such over there and in other parts of the wallpaper. High resolution is not the same as high quality. The car CGI render may have been fine, but the overall image you pasted it into has some serious issues as it looks like it was a poorly done upscale.

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